Monday, June 24, 2013

Ephrate, Pneuma, & Duration

                Sometimes life gets crazy and things speed up.  Sometimes it hits the beach and takes a break.  Well mine has been a lot of both.  Now that my ship has settled, I can get back to blogging and a steady ship. 
                (2/19) The trip has officially started and I am on 30 days of transfer leave before heading to my new home in Honolulu, HI.  My first stop had me spending two days with my really good friend Lanita in central PA.  The first box to be visited on the trip was CF Ephrata (336) in Ephrata, PA.  This was a very new box but looked like it had a lot of potential.  We started off going for a deadlift 3RM. Working fairly quickly, I hit a 136(6), 225, 315, 405, 455 for 3 and 495 for 1. After everyone put their weights away we hit a fun workout of the descending ladder type (10-9..3-2-1) with thrusters, pull ups, and dips.  Racing through this I knock it out in 9:18.  Coach Chad was a lil guy but seemed to love what he was doing.  I did get to meet owner Tyler as he was getting the next class ready, he seemed very eager and excited about his venture.  Good Luck to you and your crew Tyler and thanks for everything.   

            (2/20) Up early, we headed over the CF Pneuma (337) in Mechanicsburg, PA.  The studio design had the room split between the rig and the open floor space.  After a good warm up and a little confusion, we discussed the WOD.  A 20m AMRAP of 5 pull ups, 10 hand release push ups and 15 overhead squats with the PVC.  I say confusion because I could not figure out why it was like boot camp all over again and was then told if they were not loud and gave positive responses they would get in trouble.  So as we began the workout, I noticed the pull up bar was super high, even for me.  The women jumping from benches and from lowered J hooks to get to the bar, made me really nervous.  I decided that safety took precedence and did a round helped a few women out and repeated that cycle for the 20m.  It is what it is but I’m glad I chose their safety over me.  I hope they succeed and I hope that they get better as time goes along.  Thanks for having us!

Now it’s time to take a little drive and head out to get a sneak preview of the newest box in the area, CF Duration (338) in Hanover, PA.  Here we met David Stair, head coach and owner of CFD.  Duration was small but very mighty!  Bare bones, no frills, and my kinda place.  After a brief tour and some clowning around with a Kill Cliff 4 pack, we hit the 2012 open WOD 12.5 ascending by threes of thrusters and C2B pull ups.  We had a blast finishing well into the 15rd.  Thanks for letting complete the very 1st WOD in that space, it was an honor.  Look for big things out of CFD, Good Luck!!!
Well fans, deployment is coming next week, intermittent blogging  but 400 is around the corner!