Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Kids On The Block pt1

As you can expect, CrossFit is blowing up around country, around the world, and even around the Pittsburgh area. 

(1/20) I looked for one of the new boxes to hit in the 'burgh and I came up short on my 1st attempt.  So i did whatever any good CrossFitter would do....find another box!  My good buddy, Blake Shaub, was planning on a big grand opening next Saturday but he was in and working out. So I figured I join him at CF Iron City (213) in Pittsburgh, PA. We hit a fun WOD of 2K row and 200 Double Unders.  7:29 off the rower and 13:11 overall. Can't wait to see that rig and see you kick ass in the future. Your crew and coaches are awesome!

(1/28) It was Saturday morning and I love hoping in a car and going.  So I called up Liz and told her it was time to visit a new box!  So we headed out to CF Supernova (214) in Irwin, PA. We met up with Kevin Schmitt and did a little warm up before hitting our 5rd of 5 Pull Ups, 5 Wall Balls, 5 High Pulls and 5 Thrusters @ 95#.  Things took a little long due to sharing the 95# bar but still finished under 7min.  Thanks for the fun and a great meeting you Kevin.  I'm sure I'll see you again soon!

Well there is one more new kid in the area and rumor has it one or two have resurfaced.  We shall see soon enough!!!

Changes in style

So with a new year comes a new way of writing my blog.  So I don't get bogged down and behind again, I'm going meat and vegi's on that ass.  What we did, who we were, how the box was and how I like it. Gonna make this a little easier to read, rather than a novel. So here we go!

(1/10) Back in the Virginia Beach area, so I hit up CF Seven Cities (208) in Portsmouth, VA.  This was on the 2nd floor of a MMA gym.  Work was getting done in every corner of this place!  20m AMRAP of 10 OHS @ 95, 10 Bar Facing Burpees and 10 Sit Ups.  I got thru almost 9 rounds which was pretty brutal.  Great people and smart coaches.  Keep at it guys, see ya again soon!

(1/11) Up early to hit Valiant CF (209) in Va Beach, VA. This was a pretty place for being the new kid on the block. Great location!  Sweet lil 20m AMRAP of 2 MU, 8 KB Swings and 10 Sit Ups.  I was the only one who had muscle ups but that was OK.  I demo'd what they looked like since the trainer Lou was coming off a bum wing.  I hope you guys succeed and do great things! I had a great time!

More fun that night visiting my buddy Kevin and his new box, Rife CF (210) in Va Beach, VA. What can I say, Snatch grip deadlift @ 245 on a 4in deficit and max squat snatches @ 135 in 5min (29).  Killer work! Glad to see the old GSS has found a new home.  Everything happens for a reason and I'm glad your still kicking ass. 

(1/12) One last night in the area, so I headed down to Outer Banks CF (211) in Kill Devil Hills, NC.  It was an about a hour and some change away so I was expecting good things and I got them.  We hit a quick run and the a fun 5 rds of 250m row, 20 KB High pulls and 20 wall balls. Finished in around 11:15 but that wasn't the fun.  One of the members was having a birthday so the end of our class and the start of the next class was 28 Birthday Burpees!!!! Total fun and a great group of people.

(1/18) Back in Idaho, I ventured down to The Gate CF (212) in Pocatello, ID.  A newer box, great attitude though.  Amazing people and awesome trainers!  Wish I could come back and work with these guys.  Thanks for having me....I almost didn't leave.  Strength was 3x5 of Push Press 155/185/225. The WOD was 5m AMRAP of 185 Squat C&J 3min rest 5m AMRAP of 185 Squat C&J  21 in Rd 1 and 11 in Rd 2.  Killer time and I hope I can get back there!!!

Well there goes my attempt at a quick blog.  Hope it goes better the second time around.  Till I get back on the road again.....