Sunday, November 28, 2010

Erie and EOS

So this weekend I went to visit some friends up in Erie, PA. Knowing I had some time to kill before I went to meet them at the bar, I decided to find contact Bryan and the crew at CF EOS.  I wasn't expecting what I got when I walked into the Nautilus Fitness Center due to past globo CF experiences.  It's was a small class of three, but it was a Friday night after all. 

As we tackled the main sites 7 RFT 5 HSPU/10 185# DL/10 C2B Pull Ups/20 DU I realized that I was smashed from the week and took it down to 5 RFT.  11:44 wasn't bad, but I could tell that I was pretty well crushed and I wanted to live to fight another day. 
Another day came faster than I thought, as in 10am the next morning!
A much larger class this time, I think there were 7 counting me this go around.  Now we were going to tackle a new hero WOD, "Collin", with a few changes.  6RFT 400m run/12 95#PP/12 24" BJ/12 95# SDHP. Now I was feeling the effects of a few tequila shots on this one...more like tasting it from my pores!  26:20 was a descent time considering it all. 
Now what I did learn was CF Erie is now gone and the owner has a nice job somewhere else in the world.  So that's one less affiliate available for me to visit. Great job Debbie, keep working what i showed you on that squat so you can't get anymore NO REPS! Thanks Bryan for letting me leave sweat angles on your floor! 

Thursday, November 25, 2010

5x Friday!

I don't what got into me Thursday night, but I was talkin to the Hoot and decided Friday should be kick ass workout day. When I say kick ass I mean KICK ASS!!!! Here's how it went down.....
(0900) I took a 2 hr drive out to Cuyhoga Falls, OH to visit Kevin Roarty and Burning River CrossFit. 7x1 Back Squats were on tap. Kevin pulled out the big tire for depth and I got a great PR of 355#!

Thanks Kevin, I'm glad we had strength cuz Brain and the crew at CF Legacy (1100) had a fun little Team WOD in store for me. I was given Aaron as a partner for this: 4min each station of Med Ball Cleans, Box Jumps, Push Ups, Pull Ups, & V Ups. There is always a catch, you can only do 10 reps and while you are working your partner is either holding the bottom of a squat (1st 3) or a plank (last 2).  Aaron and I did amazing scoring 620 reps.  This was a crusher! Thanks for the fun times Brian!

By now I'm in serious need of protien, so i stop and crush a pound of BBQ before heading to CF Energy (1300). I was a few min late, but I was still warm so I jumped right into the WOD: 2RFT 50 Pull Ups, 30 Asst Pistols, and 100 V Ups.  This took a little bit longer than I thought it would but hey, this is Wod 3 in 5 hrs! 22:41 wasn't that bad and Kyle was really cool to sit and talk with about how he does things.

By now you gotta be thinking that I'm totally trashed and couldn't have a 4th WOD in me, but I digress! To the Barn Batman!  I got to SPC CF aka the Barn about 3 thinking I could take a nap. WRONG! I walked in and saw a familiar face, Kyle Klein. We finished 14th and 15th at the Fall Brawl.  Today was their make up day, so I decided to do "The Chief". 5rds of 3min on / 1 min off of (3) 135# HPC, 6 push ups, 9 squats.  I got thru 20 rounds. Not my best, but again this is WOD 4.  Thanks Guys for endulging me.
Now for the last WOD of the night. I got to visit a relatively new box, CrossFit Akron.  I was the only one in the late class but it gave us a good chance for some snatch practice.  Brian pulled out the camera and we did a 15 rep, upward progression.  I really got a great shot of where I need some work in the pulling stage of my snatch. I started at 95# went as far as 145# but kicked it down to 115# for the last few rounds to concentrate on form. 

Thanks everyone for letting me getting 82 thru 86 done, 14 more for 100!
Hope everyone has a great thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Greensburg and Youngstown

 I decided to get in a double for Friday so after my normal night at Mon Valley training, I headed out to CF Greensburg in Greensburg PA. This place was much like a hybrid training center with MMA, self defense classes, and CrossFit.
After some intros and a tour, we started the warm up. Joe was a little behind but quickly got us into our WOD of 10 Rounds of 8 Burpees and 8 Pull Ups. Nice fun times for a Friday night!  11:13 was not too bad for my second WOD of the night.  We talked a bit, gave some props to all there crew and then headed out. It was really cool to see that many new people kipping already.  Hope to get back there soon.
Now for Saturday I wanted to get in a box I've been trying to get to for a while. So I gave Joe a call and headed out to CF Youngstown in Ohio.  It was a beuatiful day and I guess it was a ladies day. 5 wonderful CFYO women and myself tackled a 3 Rft of 10 DL (250#), 200m run, 10 Burpees, 200m Run, 20 reverse lunges.
These ladies had tons of heart and killed it, even the woman who was on day 1!

A good saturday overall, even made back in time to watch THE OHIO STATE BUCKEYES dismantle Penn State.

Friday, November 12, 2010

What a week.....

So I accidentially hit the save button vice the post button but heres what you missed....

(11/4) Well I decided that I need to go home to Cinicnnati to register my Jeep since PA has some hex again lifted vehicles but first a stop at Integrated Fitness in Bethel Park, PA. Great AB Killing Workout:
8 Overs / 9 Russian MB Twists / 10 V ups / 11 Prayers then a 350m Row sprint. Finished up in Sub 7
Really good group and a good coach in Jim.
Now off to Cincy...getting tired....make a phone call....crashing in Columbus instead :)

(11/5) So I looked up the closest Affliate to my friend Karen's house and found CF Core Tactix in Dublin, OH.  I really was unimpressed with this one.  The space was great, people were cool, but the trainer was a tool! I don't know for sure but they said his name was Bo.  He didn't introduce himself and left just as fast thru his special door as he came in.  The WOD: 10 Rds 7 SDHP @ 95 / 7 Pull Ups - Untimed. Just not a good experience, Sorry CFCT.

Grab some fuel for the body and the Jeep and off to CrossFit Heights in Dayton, OH.  Here I met Tamarraw, co-owner of CFH.  This was a very friendly box that had some great clients.  The WOD, 800m 55# DB Farmes Carry. Seems easy but everytime you drop it and do 5 Burpees, 10 Push ups and 15 squats. Go light and start with the penaly, go heavy and get a pass on 1 drop.  Made it thru in 9:59 with 1 drop.  Totally a fun WOD and had a blast hanging out and chatting.  Awesome box and great trainer, Thanks for the beenie T!

(11/6) Now here I go again with my bright ideas, a saw a new box opened up about 90 min away in Madison, IN. This trip came without its obsticals! I'm talking a building fire, cows, new boots and crazy countries roads! My friend Jenna asked me to take her to CrossFit, I know that Jaimie wanted to take her but Jenna really wanted to drink the Kool Aid!  We met Nick and his crew and quickly learned that Mad City CF has actually only been open for 6 days! I must say this was a very welcoming box and took very good care of my new boot. 
Now for the WOD: 5 RFT 10 Box Jumps 20" / 10 Sit Ups / 10 SDHP @ 75# = 11:10
I didn't get to meet Cori but big ups to her and Nick and all of Mad City CF, here's to a long sucessful journey!

(11/7) Now it's time to leave Cincy and head back to the 'Burg, but not without a detour or two!  Detour 1, CF Power Performance in Loveland, OH.  Now this was a crazy place with grafitti all over the walls and heavy metal music blarring...I loved it! I met trainers Pat and Chad when I walked in the door. I watched the end of their Oly class, did some warm up and then got to work.
1 min on, 1 min off of the following:  Row for Cal, Bike for Speed, Sledgehammer Swings, Double Unders, Lateral Shuffels, and Punching Push Ups: Tabata Scoring except total Cals on rower = 231.5
This was something new and very interesting for me, loved the intesity and even the ribbing by owner Alicia who came in mid wod.  Thanks CFPP, I'll definately come visit this box again.
Well it's a long drive home, so to break it up I found a Sunday night WOD at the home the 2010 CF Games Mens Champ, Graham Holmberg aka CF Columbus.  Graham wasn't in but his partner Brandon was. Now this was a big class for a Sunday night and they were all good people.  After some warm up rounds and some double under / pistol skill work we hit a favorite WOD of mine, but in a new way.  "Jackie" was her name but in reverse! 30 Pull Ups, 50 thrusters @ 45#, and a 1000m Row = 7:14. Loved the way this turned out, glad I made the stop.  Thanks CFC, hope you like my "Doubled Up" wod.

Well 79 boxes down and countless stops to go, I'll say this is one of the funnest games I've played in a long time. Here's to more boxes in more cities and more states....

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fall Brawl 2010

First off, I know it's not traveling but it's a fun ass weekend. 

So CF R.A.W. hosted a local competition this weekend.  CrossFitters from Delaware, Ohio, West Virginia, & all over PA showed up.  54 men and 51 women got up awful early to take on what Molly and her crew had in store for us.  There were 3 WOD's to challenge us all for these!

Wod 1: 1.5 Trail Run which should have read run up 3 BF Hills!!! Finished in 14:02, 39th overall.
Wod 2:
20# Wall Balls / Row for Cal / 115# Ground to Overhead .  Finished in 9:39.  Not to bad, 11th in the WOD, bumped up to 23rd overall.
Wod 3:
5min time limit, establish a 1 RM Deadlift and then use rest of the time to do muscle ups or pull ups.
Score is DL # + 1pt for pull ups + 3pts for MU
If you don't know me, I freaking love deadlifting, really my favorite thing ever. 
505# DL + 2 MU + 47 Pull Ups = 557!  5th in the WOD

Overall I finished in 14th place. Not bad for my second competiton ever!  I had a great time and met some new friends and some old ones.  Can't wait to compete again.  Thanks again RAW!\