Sunday, November 28, 2010

Erie and EOS

So this weekend I went to visit some friends up in Erie, PA. Knowing I had some time to kill before I went to meet them at the bar, I decided to find contact Bryan and the crew at CF EOS.  I wasn't expecting what I got when I walked into the Nautilus Fitness Center due to past globo CF experiences.  It's was a small class of three, but it was a Friday night after all. 

As we tackled the main sites 7 RFT 5 HSPU/10 185# DL/10 C2B Pull Ups/20 DU I realized that I was smashed from the week and took it down to 5 RFT.  11:44 wasn't bad, but I could tell that I was pretty well crushed and I wanted to live to fight another day. 
Another day came faster than I thought, as in 10am the next morning!
A much larger class this time, I think there were 7 counting me this go around.  Now we were going to tackle a new hero WOD, "Collin", with a few changes.  6RFT 400m run/12 95#PP/12 24" BJ/12 95# SDHP. Now I was feeling the effects of a few tequila shots on this one...more like tasting it from my pores!  26:20 was a descent time considering it all. 
Now what I did learn was CF Erie is now gone and the owner has a nice job somewhere else in the world.  So that's one less affiliate available for me to visit. Great job Debbie, keep working what i showed you on that squat so you can't get anymore NO REPS! Thanks Bryan for letting me leave sweat angles on your floor! 

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