Thursday, December 2, 2010

Central PA Training Week

So this week was a "field" work trip. Most of my friends know that I'm in the military but I never seem to tell anyone exactly what I do.  That's not gonna change but know I was in Central PA this week for work stuff. I wasn't supposed to have any free time but I did manage to get away a few times. 

11/29 I managed to get out early and drop into CrossFit 717 in Lemoyne, PA.  I ran into an old face, Hudson from CF York, we chatted for a bit and then I got into my WOD. 3 RFT 5 Tire Flips, 10 135# Push Press, 15 Ring Pull Ups and a 200m Farmers carry with (2) 1.5p Kettlebells.  14:50 was all I needed for this forearm blaster of a WOD.  Cool box, didn't get to talk to Dan much due to a 1930 intro but it was fun none the less. I'll definitely come back, Thanks 717 crew.

12/1 Yes this is my birthday, Yes its was a NASTY weather day, and Yes I'm in the Dec Burpee challenge. So the weather was really crappy causing us to start work a little late giving me a chance to drop into Crossfit Hershey. I met Tim and his early am crew before we started and they were all pretty good. Now this wasn't a simple WOD and go home, this was a lot of fun all wrapped into 1 or 5 as the case may be.
 I. HSPU and DU practice 
II. 10x2 every minute on the minute DL @ 395#
III. 10 min AMRAP: 100ft of long jumps & 12 pull ups (6rds 100ft 7pu)
IV 500m row sprint: 1:34.3
V. Burpees! 32 age, 15+1 Dec Challenge =48
Thanks for the birthday fun Tim, see ya when I come back around this way!

12/2 Last night in the area and I couldn't go without seeing my good friend Rusty and his box out at CF York. He almost didn't have class but he said I could come in for a speed WOD. I walked in and he thought I was the police, it was quite amuzing if you were there. Three more athletes showed up so it was time to work: 5-10-15-20-15-10-5 Walking lunges (each leg), pull ups, V ups, & KB swings (2p). I finished somewhere just under 20min which wasn't that bad.  Then I did my 17+3 burpees to end my time at York, caught up with Rusty and headed on back.  Thanks bro!

Well if you've been keeping count, 88 and 89 are in the bag, 11 to go by the end of the year. I wonder if I can get it done?  Good thing I have from Dec 16 to Jan 3 off. 

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