Monday, December 20, 2010

1st Friday Back In New England

I know I haven't updated in a while but hey, I've actually been home! Weird I know. So I'm on vacation and heading up to the Boston area for a week trying to get closer to that 100 box mark.
Friday afternoon I got to meet Cori DiDonato, Shelly Rego, Tristian Dimmick and a few members of Avalon CF(90) in Charles Town, MA. At first this seemed like a normal CF Box, but looking around I could tell this was gonna be a little different.   We tackled Filthy 50, not bad, I was still a little sore from getting beat by "Whitten" earlier in the week but put up a good 22:23 time. As always, I hung around and talked with the trainers and even helped write Shelly profile page for the website.  Another client came in for Filthy 50 and Cori decided he wasn't gonna do it alone. Paul and Cori did great, I even got to play trainer while she was working out. They both did great and by great I mean Cori had to be excused once or twice to visit Pukie. After the workout I got to talk to Shelly and she showed me "Zumba", all I gotta say is classic! Wait til I put up that video Shelly! All in All, Avalon CF is a great place to be and with all their options there is bound to be something for everyone there. Thanks again Cori and crew.

I did also get to make it back to my old home box, CF Portsmouth.  Still my favorite box ever!  I got to catch up with old friends, see tons of progress, and even get a kick ass WOD in.  Jason Goulmas put us thru a little warm up and then hit us with this gem of a WOD: 3 RFT 10 muscle ups & 75 air squats. I finished it with a helping hand. It was good to be home and sure glad to see old friends.

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