Saturday, March 19, 2011

Powerlifting with Westside

So Jim Crowell and I are in Columbus, OH at Westside Barbell for the CF Powerlifting Cert.  This place is legit.  No signs, no advertising, just hard core athletes doing what they do best, LIFTING HEAVY SHIT! We've met world champions, world record holders, and crossfit champions.  We started off watching a typical dynamic day with Louis Simmons lifters, 12x2 box squats in very fast succession.  WINNING! Went over some lecture information, question, and demonstrations. All good stuff, but I was ready to put this info to work.  We did some work on the mono lift, it was interesting to see that all the time that I was going wide, wasn't wrong after all.  Then we went over the deadlift, but on bands, this makes for very explosive lifts and really gets you going.  Which led to the class setting PR's in the deadlift and if you know me, I love a good deadlift! I got in on the 405 rep, then 455 rep, and then the question was asked by Louis himself "What is your PR?" As I told he said throw on 555 but then questioned if I was really wanting to go up 100. I told him lefts roll and then pulled the triple nickel like it 135! It felt so awesome to dominate something.  After some more demo's and even doing banded power cleans, which is very difficult, we tried a power clean PR. One guy almost 300, I was happy to PR @ 250.  Day 1 was done so what better way to celebrate than with a drop in WOD at CF Core (112) in Lancaster, OH.
Great space, good wod, and very nice people. Jim actually even got to be a client for a change. We met the trainers Greg and Shelley, reviewed the wod (made some changes dues to equipment) and off we went!
4 Rds of 15 backsquats @135 (cleaned from the ground), 15 ring push ups, & down and back bear crawl, VESTED.  Jim just over 7, me just under 9, & everyone else finished strong!  Thanks for a great time CF Core, hope to see you again in the future.
The rest was an amazing time of learning new techniques, ways to increase my work capacity and met some cool new people.  Thanks WSBB for opening their doors to the CF world and thanks to Louis, AJ, Gene, Shayne, Chris, Laura, and everyone else for taking time out to share with us your knowledge.

Monday, March 7, 2011

New Things Back Home!

So I went home this weekend to see  my new nephew Kai.  He's adorable. He's like half of my thigh size but he's a rockstar. Great job little brother.
Now on to the fun stuff. 

I stopped by to check out CF Cornerstone (109) to meet up with one of my good friends Jenna and get a WOD in.  This was a different box to say the least.  I have never seen the week laid out in chalk for you to pick.  Brandon K was there when I walked in and explained how things worked at CFC.  It was totally cool how they gave people options but odd how I didn't have my favorite elements of CF, the class and competition.  Jenna and I decided to hit a little CF Total, odd how much I actually like this WOD.  Jenna pulled a 367 and I upped all my lifts 190 Press (+5), 380 Back Sqaut (+5), & 545 (+20).  I actually failed at the top of 555.  A great time was had and I can't wait to see what CFC has in store for their next box. Good Luck guys!


A long party night turned into an early morning.  Got to CF Covington (110) about 30 minutes early.  Turns out that I grew up down the alley from CFC.  Emily and her crew and family worked super hard to bring that old machine shop to Crossfit life!  I actually met Emily once before at CFNKY so I got a little special treatment.  I really wanted to do the demo wod vice the "Jimbo" wod and Emily was totally cool with it.  After some welcomes, explanations, & the bet between the demo team, we started the WOD of 10 HSPU, 10 DL @ 275, 10 Pull Ups, 10 Clean & Jerks @ 135, 10 Burpees, 10 KB Swings @ 53#, and 1 rope climb.  Eveyone in WOD did a tremendous job, I'll let the pictures explain it all.

While the 2nd group workout was going Jenna and I snuck off to CF Hustle (111) in Erlanger, KY. This box has a ton of potential. Owner Rich Vos planned ahead when picking a place with space.  We did a FGB style with Box Jumps, Double Unders, KB Swings, & Sit Ups.  Good scores all around and I even climbed the 24' rope and signed my name at the top.  Good Stuff Mr. V and I can't wait to see what is in store for your future. 

Now we all rush back for some Paleo food and adult beverages at CF Covington.  Fun time ensued and I got to meet a great staff of enthusiastic crossfitters.  Emily, Jarrett, Laura, and the rest of the CFC crew have a line up in store and I'm looking forward to what they are going to bring to fitness in the Greater Cincinnati Area.  Had a blast everyone, it was hard to leave! See ya soon!!!!!!