Sunday, November 25, 2012

CF Cabarrus #301

 (10/21)  So now that 300 has been hit, I figured I'll slow down a bit work on my own training.......Yeah Right!  So I got up early and headed over to CrossFit Cabarrus (301) in Concord, NC. Here I met Coach Jaimie and the rest of the Saturday morning crew.  It was a small bunch, but fun.  They are located inside the Sportcenter there in Concord.  After a nice trail run around the facility, we warm up a bit more and then had the WOD explained to us.  This was a 2-person team Double WOD.  I was paired with Steve who was relatively new, but a hard worker.  WOD 1: 4min Cal Row followed by a 90sec transition to a 4min AMRAP of 5 pull ups, 10 PVC overhead squats, & 20 Double unders.  It was a fun 1st WOD, hitting over 120cal and 7 plus rounds. After a few minutes of rest, we hit WOD 2 of 8min of Burpee box jumps (24"), 6min of Push Press (65#),  4min of ball pass sit ups, and 2min of ball slams (25#).  Totally a great way to end these workout.   Overall, CFC was a fun place with great people, a very welcoming crew, and plenty of space to grow.  Good Luck in the future CFC, thanks for having me, and keep getting after it!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

300 Boxes - CrossFit Voltage!

(10/20) After a delayed flight, a terrible rental car experience and a dead cell phone, yes I was late, I finally made it to CrossFit Voltage (300) in Charlotte, NC.  Here I met Donald & Ashley Forbis, owners and head trainers of CFV.  I missed the snatch training, but I did get a couple at 145# just so I wasn't the only guy on the board without a number.  Then for the WOD. We all ran an 800m run then drew a WOD from a hat as we ran back in the building.  Our choices were Fran, Nancy, Helen, ½ Cindy, or Jackie……I drew Jackie!  Jackie is a 1000m row followed by 50 thrusters and 30 pull ups.  Now this is harsh punishment already but the 800 added a new level of difficulty.  There was one Helen, two Jackie’s, and three ½ Cindy’s.  The crew at CFV that night was awesome. I even got to meet one of my Facebook friends, Wendy.  Donald and Ashley were kick ass owners and totally welcoming to me.  I even got to meet their family and talk for like a half hour after. There location was a bit out of the way, but totally worth getting lost for!  I look forward to getting the chance to do it again, Voltage was shocking!!!!

(Please excuse the bad pun)


       Wendy and Me

Friday, November 9, 2012

UMPH, Y'all, & Polaris

(10/8) So I had a wonderful time at home with my family, it was time to head back home.  As with all my adventures, there are always a few stops along the way. 

First stop was to UMPH CF (297) in Florence, KY.  Here I met Matt Galster for the 0630 WOD.  Little did I know that I would have the whole class all to myself!  With that we got right after it with some down resisted runs and easy jogs back.  Then hit our strength portion of front squats with a 4sec bottom hold.  Our scheme was 10-10-7-5-3-1 with the weights of 135-155-185-205-225-275.  This was fun! Then I got my crack at the days WOD of an 8m AMRAP 200m row, 20WB. I did my best and finished up with 4rds, the row and 8 WB.  Matt was a pretty cool dude and we picked each one another’s brains for a good 20 minutes after.  I do admit that this was my very first old car wash location.  Totally cool and totally original!  I’m glad for this experience I look forward to hearing and seeing the progress of UMPH! 


My second stop of the morning would lead me to CF Y’all (298) in Florence, KY.  I walked in to the current class in progress so I had a few minutes to wait.  I did get a sneak preview of what was in store for me.  J.D. Marcum, owner and head trainer, had this little number waiting. A 1 power snatch, 2 overhead squats and 3 squat snatch complex of 75-105-135-165.  It was fun, even though I failed at the 3rd squat snatch at 165.  After a short rest, I hit one of the most interesting WODs in recent memory:  An 8m AMRAP of 15 double unders & 1 HSPU with your score being only the completed HSPU.  The catch was if you failed at a HSPU, you went back to the doubles and the round was a zero. I finished strong with 11 good rounds and 5 bad ones.  I got to meet a few of the CFY athletes from the first class when I finished up my workout.  J.D. is a very smart trainer and very concerned with the well being of all his clients.  If this morning is any indication, I see even greater things happening just south of the Ohio River.  I had a great time, thanks for the hospitality Y’all!

Now I guess it’s time for me to head north toward home, but what is a trip home without a stop near the states capitol.  I made in to the 12:15 class at CF Polaris (299) in Westerville, OH.  Here I met Joe Herran, the coach of the day.  My old friend “JClay” and new friend Marcus are also coaches here, while my buddy Jay gets his daily fix here. Up first after the warm up was a 3 rep clean to determine what we were going to use for our WOD: A 10m EMOM 3 Cleans at that weight.  I hit up 205, since I was already 2 workouts deep.  After that we had row Sprints of 250m, 500m, 1000m.  These were brutal since we had to have them all finished in 15m.  I think I had a :44, 1:36, and a 3:32 respectively.  Not bad for being tired.  Polaris was a fun place with plenty of room to get things done.  The trainers and crew were totally helpful and cheered one another on.  CFP is worth a visit and is like 15 minute from Mecca.  Thanks for having me and I look forward to hitting you guys again.

Now I guess it’s time for me to head north toward home, but what is a trip to Rouge Fitness.  New toys and new shoes are in the car and now back to the ‘Burgh.  Next stop 300!!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Southern Columbus CF

(10/6) I had to head home for the long weekend so that we could have family Thanksgiving before my niece went to Asia for work during the real Thanksgiving. 

So I headed south but only got halfway home before I did what I do best.  Drop in to a CrossFit box.  This time was Southern Columbus CF (296) in Grove City, OH.  Here I met Kyle and the 1100 class for the Hero we were about to take on.  “Coe” which is 10 rounds of 10 thrusters @ 95# and 10 ring pushups, was our hero of the day.  I finished up in just under 17 minutes, I wasn’t going super fast, but trying to make sure I did as many sets as possible unbroken. 

            SCCF was a pretty cool and inviting place.  Kyle and all his crew were totally welcoming and I’m sure I could sit and talk to them for hours.  I wish I could have but I had to get and they had the OSU Homecoming game to get to.  SCCF is totally worth making the trip to, thanks for everything, I had a blast.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

CrossFit 304

(9/18) I headed home in the rain from my DC trip and decided to hit my boy Travis Bagnet’s  box, CrossFit 304 (295) in Charles Town, WV.  This box was pretty awesome, it even had a pool!  Travis was late but I got to meet his wife Casey and trainer Laura.  We had a great little 5 round WOD of 3 min on and 2 min off hitting 9 snatch grip deadlifts, 6 hang power snatches and 3 OHS @ 95#.  This was a totally fun gasser, hitting 14rds and 13 reps.  They have a good thing going here in WV and not to mention that there is a casino next door.  From what I have heard, there are big things brewing from the 304 camp!  304 may be off the beaten path, but well worth the visit.  Thanks for having me Travis, looking forward to those big plans we were talking about. 

Rosslyn, Rock Creek, & Walter Reed

I’m back in the DC area again, this time to get a overseas screening physical so I can move
to back to Hawaii in March.  I found a rarity the CrossFit community, a Sunday class. 

(9/16) CrossFit Rosslyn (292) in Arlington, VA was not in your typical spot.  This box was above a new station! Needless to say, there was not dropping weights.  Being a Sunday, class was light, only 3 including myself.  They actually repeat the weekend WODs so that all their members get a chance at it.  This was not a typical wod day, definitely more gymnastics based by far: A 10m EMOM of 4 handstand shoulder touches followed by max T2B with T2B being your score.  At the end of the 10m I felt crushed! 118 T2B is a lot in that time frame.  The other two people in class Rachel and Feener were awesome and fun to work with.  CFR was a fun time and I hope that someday they can drop a weight or two without causing a ruckus.  Thanks for having me; it was great meeting you all.

(9/17) I hadn’t done an early morning WOD in weeks.  So I figured I hit up Rock Creek CrossFit (293) in Kensington, MD and the early morning class.  First off was a favorite of mine, the heavy OHS at 5x3.  135, 155, 185, 205, & 225 felt really good, even at that time of morning.  After that we hit a fun 5rd WOD of 10 hang snatches @ 115, 10 mtn climbers, and 20m shuttle run.  I’m not sure on times but Coach Ian Nigh was super great in pushing everyone to get through the workout with good form and speed.  RCCF was a blast, everyone was super nice and totally inviting.  Make the trip; it’ll be totally worth it. 

 After my appointments at the hospital I headed over to the daily workout at CrossFit Walter Reed (294) in Bethesda, MD.  Here I met Jason Strum, an Army vet and an amputee.  Before I even talk about a workout, I have to say that this place is amazing.  It’s commitment to our countries veterans and warriors.  The people hear were amazing and inspiring.  I got to work with Murphy.  I totally cool guy, who can deadlift a shit ton.  After our strength portion, we hit a fun WOD of 12-9-6 DB thrusters @ 50#, 2p KB swings, and strict pull ups.  I finished quick, but it wasn’t the point.  I instantly went to cheer on the rest of the class.  There was a member of every branch of the military represented today and each one got a small ration of shit, all in good fun, from Jason.  If you can get on base, make the time to visit the place.  Remember the most important rule, if you don’t have all your original fingers and toes, you get first pick at gear.  If there is no more gear, cheer on the rest of the class!


I had a blast trip and may even hit a box on the way home.  We all know that I will find the closest box on the way home………

Friday, October 26, 2012

Nexus and Advanced Performance

(9/8) You must think I love Ohio by now.  You would be right in that assumption.  Being from the Buckeye state, make me very proud to keep going there and besides, they have more boxes within two hours of me than anywhere else. 

We kept talking about it so we finally just chose to visit CF Nexus (290) in Solon, OH.  Here we had a team WOD in store for us.  Since Mari and I came together, we were teamed up together.  She’ll always tell you that I don’t liked being teamed up with her; truth is I don’t mind, just like meeting other people during these trips. 

So here’s what was up our alley: We both work at the same time to complete 50 Wall Balls, 20 Turkish get-ups, 50 Air squats with plate 25/10, 30 Wall ball sit ups, 300 DU - 50 then switch one works one holds plank, 50 K2E - 10 then switch one works one holds plank, & 50 push press @ 85/35 bar cannot hit the ground, penalty of 5 burpees each at the end if it does. 

We tore this one fast and furiously finishing in around 16:20.  It helped having a lil lighter weight.  I did suck a little bit since Mari couldn’t do K2E.  CFN was totally inviting and made us feel really welcome.  Great crew and great people, glad we made the visit.  Thanks for having us!!!


After a brief stop to say hello to one of our favorites, CF Mantra, we continued south to Advanced Performance CF (291) in Wadsworth, OH.  Here met a ton of great people including Dave C. and Tim.  I was already warm, so I talked to the Bryan during the group 400m run.  After a little more warm up we got right after it.  10 rounds of 15 deadlifts @ 135 and 15 pushups was on the board.  There were some good times on the board and some studs in class, so I knew that was gonna hard and fast.  Dave set my pace and we were neck and neck till the very end.  We tore thru this with the fastest times of the day, with Dave taking top time. Overall APCF was a blast.  From start to finish I had nothing less than a good time there.  I just hope Nick is still alive and doesn’t want to kill us for pushing him at the end to not quit and finish. 

If by some chance you end up in Wadsworth, go see them.  You won’t be disappointed. 


Nine left till the next big milestone and with trips to Charlotte, Bethesda and home planned, who is going be 300?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

CrossFit Latrobe

(9/3) With nothing else really planned, we headed over to the home of Rolling Rock beer and hit up CF Latrobe (289) in Latrobe, PA.  There we met the owner and head coach Par Landry and got a tour of the facility.  They are in an amazing building that is kept 70 deg all year round.  The CrossFit room was a bit small but with the future addition of upstairs and the use of outside, they are going to have an amazing space.  Pat was super nice and even took time to chat after the workout.  The crew was really welcoming and very supportive of one another.  We did our warm up and then took out toys outside for our WOD.  

25-20-15-10-5 KB Swings and 5-10-15-20-25 Wall Balls 2p/20# alternating.

            It was fun but very taxing on the lats.  Mari killed it with a sub 6:30(s) while I finished up in 8:12(Rx).  Latrobe has a great thing going out there and with the inside and outside areas they have, look for them to hold some competitions in the future. Good luck with everything at CFL and thanks for having us, we had a blast!


Uncompromised, Bethesda, & Perseverance

Once again I ended up working in Central PA.  I seem to do this a lot, damn job!  So as always I found a few new boxes and an old friend to visit. 
(8/27) It was close, so I went to see my good friend, Tricia Magrini.  Tricia is about to open CrossFitUncompromised (286) in Lititz, PA and I am about to get a firsthand look at box not even open yet.  You so gotta love good people in this community. After a great box tour, I got to get after some of the workload I had in my regular programming.  Back squats for load: 5 @ 275, 3 @ 315, 20 @ 255, 14 @ 255, & 10 @ 255.   Then Tricia joined in for a little 5 rounder of 10 cal row, 7 deadlifts @ 275, and 5 HSPU.  This one was a blast and even more fun to tackle it with a good friend.  Now that CFU is open, I get more and more great feedback of the great work coming out of that awesome spot.  If you’re in the area, then hit up this spot.  You will not be disappointed, I promise!


(8/28) Dave and I had to go down to Bethesda to visit the uniform shop at the hospital there.  After we were done, I had a hour available to hit up CrossFit Bethesda (287) in Bethesda, MD for the 1500 open gym time while Dave found the bar. Here I met Judd Borakove, he was super cool and let me hit more of my own programming.  I built up to a 3rep set of a 225 push press followed by a 5-3-1(max) (225/275/300-3) of Front Squats.  As they started their workout, I started mine.  A 10m EMOM of 2 squat snatches and 4 pistols.  I did ok, but Judd was great and showed me a few things to work on my flexibility to help my pistols.  I watched the next class and CFB looked like they totally had their stuff together.  If you’re in the area, for good or bad reasons, check them out, you may learn a thing or two.


(8/29) I decided to hit up a newer box in the area, so I called up my good friend Lanita to tackle it with me.  I made my way over to Ryan Alichwer’s box, CrossFitPerseverance (288) in Carlisle, PA.  It seemed a little redundant for the week, but we hit back squats again.  This time it wasn’t nearly the same work load, 3x5 185, 225, & 315.  Since there were only four of us, we got to our WOD fairly quick.  3 rd, 10 C&J @ 115, 50 MTN climbers, and 300’ of walking plate lunges.  This was a fun race, especially since Lanita has been getting really good.  I may have only beaten her by 5 seconds.  I know we don’t win at CrossFit, but we are good friends and love to challenge one another.  As for CFP, they are small but with time, should grow into something really good for Carlisle. 


Well time to get home and maybe visit a new local box or even head back to Ohio.  Only time will tell. 12 more till 300!!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Ohio Valley CrossFit

(8/25)   So I bought a new Jeep and as always some DMV work would be needed.  So I took off for the closest area with a box that I had not visited yet, St. Clairsville, OH.  Here in the local was the home of the newest box in Ohio, OV CrossFit (285). I was a little late due to not knowing it was actually in the mall, but it was fine in the end.  The class was learning and reviewing the clean and jerk, so I just loosened up in the back of the room.  Owner and Head Coach Rachel Goodman greeted me when I got there and introduced me to her husband, Co-owner and current coach at the time Jay.  They were both super nice and inviting.  Once the class was done learning, Jay began to explain the workout:  A 10m AMRAP of 8 Clean and Jerks @ 135# & 10 Double Unders.  Everyone tried super hard and was encouraging to one another.  I finished up with 8 full rounds and 8 C&Js.  All in all I had a great time, even without getting my Jeep taken care of.  If you get the chance, check them out, they are a super nice group and totally fun.  Thanks for everything!!!

Next stop is a work trip with a box just open for me!

Friday, October 19, 2012

CF Bel Air and Harford

(8/18)  A lazy and relaxing day on the river has to start with a little excitement. 

My good friend Becca had been hounding me all weekend to come to the river, so I went down early, crashed and figured I would hit a box or two before floating my day away.  A near death driving experience and a run in with the law thanks to my good friend Lanita’s amazing driving skills, made for a fun ride down to CrossFit Harford (283) in Forest Mill, MD. Here we met the 8am crew and prepped for what was about to unknowingly suck!!!  We were split into two groups 2 boys and 1 girl and 2 boys and 2 girls.  Lanita and I were on a team together along with one other guy.  The WOD went like this: Rotate and row 4k, while one person did squat cleans at 95/65 worth 10m for everyone completed. We would get 15m per SC since we were a person down.  Lanita held us together doing probably half of all the SC. 1k into the WOD, our third member got hurt.  We continued without him taking now 20m per SC.  This 40m AMRAP scored pretty close in the end with final totals 10,350 to 9915. All in all it was fun but super taxing.  CF Harford had some good people and they were super nice to us.  Thanks for having us.


            With 30m to kill, we headed the literally 2 mile trip over to CrossFit Bel Air  (284) in Forest Mill, MD.   This place was a lot bigger than CFH and held a lot more people for the 0930 WOD.  Another team WOD, this time designed for 2.  After a good warm up, I was paired with Keith.  We watched the first groups go first and tackle the WOD.  Member 1 rowed 500m while member 2 lunged down and back (d&b) with a 45/25# pound plate and then they switched places and did it again.  Stage 2 was a wheel barrow d&b, where both people had to be the top and bottom.  3rd was a 70# farmer carry d&b and finally 50 box jumps.  Getting to watch gave Keith and I a chance to strategize and then got to kill in a time of 6:26.  CFBA was a great time.  The coaches and crew were awesome.  I even helped the odd numbered person finish her WOD.  Definitely worth the visit to Bel Air….there were NO Fresh Princes there FYI.

Well, time for the river and some cider.  Next stop a special box opened just for me!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

One Morning in New Orleans....

(8/10)  So I went to New Orleans…it happens.  I got in late….my friends were already on Bourbon St…..I went to bed to get ready for a little fun in the morning… way!
3 boxes, 3 WODS, and all before I could eat the steam bison burger I would get between boxes 2 and 3. 
Up early to hit the first WOD of the morning.  I must say people are still up and drinking at 0700 on Friday morning in this town! 
I worked my way over to CF Nola 504 (280) where I was met with Nutts!    Nutts: 10 HSPU, 15 deadlifts @ 250, 25 Box jumps at 30”, 50 Pull ups, 100 wall balls, 200 double unders and 400m run with a 45# plate.  Nutts is dirty, so I only did ½ knowing what was in store for me for the rest of the day. 5/8/13/25/50/100.  I don’t remember the time, somewhere around 9 minutes.  I had a total blast at 504 and the space was awesome.  Plenty of room and great people there too!  I have a feeling I may see this again really soon……
After I grabbed a shirt or two, I headed over to CF New Orleans (281) for their 0930 WOD.  This was goona be fun.  We kinda started in waves due to the sheer volume of people and not enough rowers but it all worked out.  One of their best asked to race, so I said ok.  So we took off after our 10 rounds of 250m row, 7 DB strict presses, Left side @ 35, 14 stick sit ups, 7 R presses, and 7 elevated pushups.  It was rough, I think I barely won that battle, but he said he did extra pushups.  No worries, nothing extra in here ever hurt me.  Tony was super cool and I had a good time.  The crew was very supportive of one another and I liked that.  There was one drop in from Lafayette who was awesome too, I so wish I could remember her name.  If I ever run into her again, I owe her another sweaty hug!

No, I haven’t eaten yet, but I still have this feeling I’m gonna see Nutts again.  After waiting for that awesome bison burger, I found my way into CF NOLA (282)  and saw Nutts!  This time owners Jeff and Molly were there and saved me from doing it again.  Instead, I got to do two other painful workouts, one with Molly and one for Syn.  WOD 1: 11m EMOM of 2 Cleans @ 205 and 1 30” box jump.  Not bad.  Molly is a beast FYI!!!  WOD 2: 15rd 1 Squat snatch into 5 Overhead squats.  5 @ 95, 5 @ 115, 5 @ 135.  Each set got harder; each set sucked more and more.  CF NOLA was awesome.  People, staff, and location were all totally perfect.  I don’t think the truck driver liked Molly pushing the sled down the street, but he’ll get over it.  Thank you so much for having me

If you end up in the Big Easy, hit up all these places.  They are totally welcoming and will kick you in your “beers as big as your head” ass!
I do have only one regret though, my car was blocked in on Saturday morning and I couldn’t make it out to Crescent City CF.  Anne T. has become one of those text/email friends that I look forward to talking to all the time.  I promise that I will make it to C3F before I head to the island! 
Ok, next stop is the river with the girls!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

UpTown in Indiana, PA

(8/3)  Quick Post!!! 
Was on my way to Nittany Valley and stopped at a cool space in the bottom of a a no shit vault!  UpTown CF (279) in Indiana, PA.  I wish I was making this up.  Totally unique.  There were three of us for this nights fun wod of:
400m Run
10 Hang Power Snatches @ 115
We finished this bad boy up in just over 12 min.  The other two guys were new but still did a great job.  Totally a fun time and like I said a unique space.  Give them a shot if your ever visiting IUP.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Saol & Utility

(7/28)  Another weekend comes and so does another trip to NE Ohio. 
            First stop was CF Saol (277) in Twinsburg, OH.  Coach and owner Sean Humphreys was hard at work teaching the previous class when we arrived.  We watched and cheered on the others as we warmed up.  Wife and Co-owner Megan was hard at work drying out the gym since I met a little water with all the previous nights rain.  Class wound up only being us, so coach Sean joined in the WOD with me. A 20m AMRAP of 5 tire flips, 10 thrusters, 20 KB swings and 30 Double unders with 3 rope climbs during the 20 min.  I wasn’t feeling so hot so I only finished 3 rounds.  Thanks for showing us a great time, next time I won’t leave my stuff there…I hope not anyway. 


Next stop was a team WOD at CF Utility (278) in Green, OH.  My partner was someone I actually met before.  My partner Jeremy and I competed together at the Intense Games, Winter Chiller back in January.  20 rounds of alternating exercises of 5 HSPU, 10 box jumps, 10 sit ups, 10 squats, and 5 burpees was we had in front of us.  I wasn’t feeling super hot still but I held up my end of the team as we finished up in 22:40.    CFU was a blast and everyone was really supportive of one another.  I’m glad we made the journey, it was totally worth it.  Stop by, you won’t be disappointed. 


I’m trying to get caught up while I can…sorry again for being behind. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Intergrated South Side Opens

Integrated Fitness –South Side  

Well the time has come to finally open the doors Integrated Fitness’s newest location, now in the south side area of Pittsburgh and is one block off the very popular Carson St.

Today the crew from the South Hills location headed down for the Grand Opening event.  There were many different WOD choices for the day including burpees and thrusters AMRAP, a chipper and my favorite Yoke carries and Wall Balls.

The new location looks like it will a great asset to the IF family.  Tommy M. is great coach and will keep our crew growing on that end of town.   

To great things in the future for Jim Crowell and Josh Bobrowsky's newest venture and looking forward to it’s official CF affiliate name.

2012 Post Games


Day 1 of 2 (7/16)

LAX CF (273) - Los Angeles, CA
I ran into an old buddy from DC here.  I’ve never really seen him anywhere else but on the road and this was no exception.  He is a coach at Patriot/Potomac and he was at my 200th box in Hawaii last time I saw him.  It was deadlift day at LAX, I love deadlift day.  LAX had a pretty cool space not too far from the airport, hence the name.  They were really cool to having visitors from all over that day.  Besides reps from DC and PA, I think NY and South Africa were covered as well.  The scheme for the day was 1-10-1-20-1-30 or 515-405-485-335-445-265.  A good amount of lifting got done and I was happy to get it done.  Totally cool peeps there and glad we made the trip. 


Culver City CF (274) – Culver City, CA

This was a really cool space, tucked away inside a MMA & Krav studio.  Here I met Danny, a gung ho trainer, coach, and champion master’s power lifter.  He was totally cool and made me feel like one of the crew from the minute I walked in.  After our warm up, Danny introduced me to the class and then explained the WOD to everyone/

Master’s Chipper: 10 deadlifts @ 270, 20 pull ups, 30 box jumps, 40 kb swings, 50 double unders and then 40-30-20-10 again.  We all did great and everyone cheered each other on till the end.  I had a great time here and I would come back in a heartbeat.  Totally awesome time there and would go back there without a doubt. 


Day 2 of 2 and last day in Cali  

Intrepid CF (275) – El Segundo, CA
Being the last day, I was kinda glad we ended on a strength note.  Intrepid was tucked away in an industrial / residential combo area.  Owner and head coach Sean had strict presses and hang power cleans for us.  I was technically in a deload week so I actually decided to stick to my deload numbers for the week.  Both lifts were 3x3:  Presses - 115, 135, 155 & HPC - 135-185-225.  Sean was very good at helping everyone with their lifts and making sure form was good all around.  He did really well with Ellie and it was the best she had felt since her injury.  He had some really nice clients and I'm glad I got to meet them, especially the girl who had a super hero themed outfit planned for every day of that week.  Thanks for having us!
Well after a shower and a quick packing job, it's time to say goodbye to Cali for a while.  Not sure what's next, but 300 is getting close!!!!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

2012 Games - Pre

           I’m here! Cali is my birthplace and the home of the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games.  This is my third year as a judge for the games and I’m super excited for everything going down in a few days at the Home Depot Center (HDC).  Before we get there though, we got to pregame. 
(7/10) Day 1 of 3
Brick CF (267)– West Hollywood, CA 
Awesome people!  I got to meet Carl Paoli, who turned out to be someone I hung out with all week, a couple from CF Midlo, a box I visited 116 boxes ago, and Bob Harper.  Bob Harper actually called me a “lil nutz”.  The strength portion was 10-5-5-3 OHS (135-155-185-225).  Our WOD on the other hand was done in game style of 3m on, 2m off, 5m on, 2m out, and then all of it. 
10 Power Snatches @ 115#, 10 Hand Release Clapping Push Ups, 20 Pull Ups, 20 Air Squats, 30 Sit Ups, 30 DB push Presses @ 35$ and then 20-20-10-10
I finished up 78reps-135reps-8:56.  Not too bad, I did fairly well against the others and on the board. All in all though, Brick was a blast to visit.  I had a lot of fun and was pushed by the other guys around me.  Totally worth the visit and I think I’m going to Iceland with Carl one day too.
90 min rest
Cave CF (268)– Hollywood, CA
Green!  They love green there.  One of the coolest signs I’ve seen yet.  I met the owners, Zee and Brian, since I was a few minutes early.  Today was team WOD day, so once I got my partner, and then the WOD movements were explained to us all, we went at it. 
We finished up fairly quick, little did I know or realize that my partner, Alonzo, was on his 4th workout ever and I was pushing a bit too hard.  I actually had to finish up the last of the power cleans by myself since he was in the bathroom meeting Pukie.  Overall, I had a great time and it was totally worth the visit.  Thanks for having me, I had a blast, just don’t let me drink any of that crazy mix you had Zee.

(7/11) Day 2 of 3

Karma CF (269) – Manhattan Beach, CA 

I had 2 of my favorite people ever with me.  Ellie H. from Cape CF and Rick Sinclair, the 5th fittest 55-59 year old on the planet!  Owner Katy R. was totally awesome in letting her gym become a haven for games teams and competitors.  Tropic Thunder from Australia was there with us too getting ready for the weekend.  Here there wasn’t much of a WOD, more of snatch practice for all.  Rick got back to his pre-injury PR and Ellie just worked form.  We were totally grateful to Katy for opening p her space to us.  You’re a gem and we totally appreciated it. 

CF Southbay (270) – Hermosa Beach, CA   
We all went from Karma to Southbay.  Rick had to go to the HDC to check in, Ellie and I hit the warm up then jumped right into a 5x5  back squat, all at 225 for me.  Then hit a WOD of 15-12-9  KB Swings and Burpees, rest 2 min and then again at a 12-9-6 of the same.  Ellie was 8 sec behind me at the break and she fell more at then fell a little more at the end.  She was determined to win but the burpees got her in the end.  SCF was totally cool and very welcoming.  Glad I made the visit.  As we left, Team Front Range and Team CFNE were showing up.  More open gym love to games crews.
Zen CF (271) – Manhattan Beach, CA 

Garage space. Great coach. Pool!!! Coach J. Garrett Oliver was totally awesome. Ellie and I almost had a private session, but one other college athlete showed up. The WOD of 15-12-9-6-3 Front Squats and Deadlifts @ 175# was more deceiving than it looked. The weights were different to start but due to equipment issues, we improvised. Thanks for the pain; I hurt for a few days after this front squat nightmare. Totally an awesome garage gym with the exception of tall kids cannot do double unders.
(7/12) Day 3 of 3

CF Malibu (272) – Malibu, CA  

“The Hut” was awesome.  The people were great.  I actually saw a lot of them all weekend since one of their ladies was competing as a Masters athlete.  The WOD was one of my favorites, “The Chief”.  Yesterday’s front squat party played hell on my back so I only finished 19 rounds.  Ellie killed it with like 24 rounds.  We had totally awesome time and worth getting out of bed for.  Not to mention the awesome Irish themed restaurant that was owned by a South African post WOD. 

Time to get to work now, the HDC is calling our names. See y’all for the post WOD report!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Cadre & Medina


(7/6) Once again we headed over to Ohio to take out another box or two. 
                This time we hit up CF Cadre (265) in Hudson, OH.  Pretty cool place, very spacious and very well laid out.  The trainer was amazing, very knowledgeable, even if he was exhausted from being there all day and not to mention in the heat.  He was actually a competitor in the 2008 CF Games, back when it was just a BBQ and a party.  We worked some handstand / handstand walks before hitting the WOD they had in store.  We hit a 12-9-6-3-6-9-12 rep scheme of T2B and Floor wipers @ 95#.  It was solid fun in 6:30.  CFC was one of the coolest boxes in Northern Ohio and totally worth the visit, even with the horrible heat that day.  Keep up the good work.  Follow them on Twitter @Crossfitcadre


(7/7)  We found a great dive bar and stayed there all night and then crashed so we could hit the 7am workout at CF Medina (266) in Medina, OH.  Here we me John’s crew and trainers, only without John.  The trainer that day was actually my counter for 12.4 #2 of the open.  She was at her Oly Cert at Integrated CF or as like to say, my box.  The class overall was a bit new but we had fun with TEAM ANGIE none the less.  My partner in most of these Ohio trips, Mari, was partner here again.  We split it up half and half, I did pull ups and push ups, she did squats and sit ups.  We had a fun time, glad to meet some more new people and see some familiar faces in the community.  Thanks for having us and keep up the good work.

Next stop the 2012 CF Games Pre and Post box reports...

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Three Rivers CF

(6/28) So I stopped by 3 Rivers CF (264) in Verona, PA to check out my buddy John Schneider’s new spot at the Three Rivers Rowing Club.  They are located on the top floor, which makes things interesting. There were only 2 other people in the class and they were new, so John let me go squat.  When they were ready we hit the workout: 1 Stair Run then 15-12-9 of Pull Ups, Jump Squats and dips then another stair run.  With sharing the rings, I finished up in 7:38.  Fun little WOD, the steps were fun!  I hope this spot takes off, its shared space gives them a great view of the river and a bay door on the third floor!  Just be careful not to piss off the party below when 275# on the deck!  Thanks John, I hope you succeed in the new place. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Primal Athlete!

Sorry I’m behind, life goes by fast and I was……well you’ll see.  I’ll be catching up most of this week. Enjoy!

            (6/8) I took a random off day and headed to visit a new area box. CrossFit - The Primal Athlete (TPA) (263) in Zelienople, PA. Here I met two wonderful woman and owner/coaches in Tammy Friedt and Julie Wakefield. These two ladies were super nice and wonderful to talk to before and after the WOD. There were only two of in class but we made the most of the HERO in front of us. “Daniel” consists of 50 Pull-ups, 400 meter run, 21 Thrusters @ 95#, 800 meter run, 21 Thrusters @ 95#, 400 meter run, & 50 Pull-ups. No small task! We pumped thru it in 21:10 Rx and 26:30 scaled.

TPA has a very diverse group, consisting of all ages from what I saw in the previous class. The trainers are super motivated and are genuinely excited about what they do. If you have the time and you’re in the ‘burgh, head north up 79 and you will not be disappointed. Thanks for having me ladies, it was worth the trip. If you ever need me to come up and “work” with that “special case”, I’ll be glad to come up. Just save me the sparkly coach shirt.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Random Thursday!

                Yeah, sometimes I don’t work very much.  Sometimes I can even convince a friend to take a random Thursday off with me!   
(6/7)  It was early, really early, but I headed out to my first workout for today.  Mari wasn’t “alive” yet, so I went solo to The CrossFit Box (260) in Strongsville, OH.  It wasn’t a big class, only 3, but we were ready to go!  Coach Ryan, a submariner like me, was really good at getting us ready for what we about to endure: 20m AMRAP of 50 double unders, 25 sit ups, & a 200m run.  The 7rd and 1 DU was actually a great start to the day.  TCB was a small but very cool box that really took care of me.  Thanks for your hospitality, I appreciate it very much.  Your box was totally worth the early wake up!!

             Now back at the hotel, Mari was still asleep and there were no towels.  So I headed over to Wal-Mart to grab some.  This 40 dollar hotel actually charged me for stealing the towels when there were none.  STUPID!!! But I digress, Mari finally got up, and we headed over to a super new box CF Mantra (261) in Broadview Heights, OH.  They hadn’t been open very long, but Coach Ann was super enthusiastic and a sponge for our input.  There was one other girl, a personal trainer, so we didn’t need much instruction for the WOD.  We did bounce thoughts, ideas, and tips of one another during the warm up and even during part of the skill set.  Then we got down to it….TABATA THIS! Front Squats @ 95#, row for Cal, Pull Ups, Sit Ups, and Push Ups for total reps.  355 reps total for me, 250+ for both the girls.  Mari killed the sit ups and I had the best numbers with the front squats both almost hitting 100 respectively.  Coach Ann and CFM are gonna grow to be a place people want to be at.  I’m looking forward to hearing positive things out of you all.  Thanks for opening your doors to us, you were awesome!!

Back to the dirt motel, shower and dressed for time (45m Mari / 6m me) then off to CEDAR POINT for few hours of coastering!

Now I have the bright idea to head for home but not without a one more WOD! So we took the scenic route home and hit up Black Flag CF (262) in Westlake, OH. It was their rest / make up day so we hit their Monday WOD of 21-15-9 Deadlifts @ 225 and Overhead Squats @ 135 It was up my alley, but it was gonna be a bit spicy after already having done 2 and a full day in the sun.  Mari’s form looked the best I’ve ever seen it and finished very strong.  I finished up in just under 7min which was pretty good compared to the board.  Coach Dave was pretty cool letting us get more work in and being a Marine, once a Marine always a Marine, is cool trading a few stories with him  Thanks again, your box and crew were totally welcoming to us. 

Well that’s one more round in the books.  So close to 300, who wants to be the crazy box that hosts that one…….

Friday, June 15, 2012

Speed Run to Columbus....Again!

                    (5/25)  I only had to work a half day today, so I hit the back roads and took off for my baby cousin Nicole’s high school graduation in Columbus, OH.  Along the way, I got the bright idea to text Jay Younger and see if he was gonna be at his home box, CF New Albany (259) in New Albany, OH, this evening.  He was but early, so I met him post his WOD, planned for mine and then got to work.  We teamed up for this grueling monster, but changed up how we did it.  We were supposed to go WOD 1 while partner did WOD 2, when both were done, we would switch and then do the other.  We decided that 4 rounds of the double would be way harder and way worse.  So for me it was 4rds:

400m run
15 KB swings @ 1.5
2 tire flips (500#)
500m row
10 SOL sit ups
10 Box Jumps 24”

 The divider was the run and the row for us, so my partner started row first.  This was pretty nasty but we finished in 30:46 as a team.  CF New Albany was super nice on their free for all Friday.  They had all ages in there including some future ass kickers from the kids program with us.  Even though we had a step in coach mid class, they both were super smart and very encouraging.  Thanks again, even if was like a million degrees in and out of the box!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

New Mexico!!!

                  Here we are once again, ready for an almost cross country trip.  This time I would be flying to New Mexico for the first time ever!  But what fun would a flight be without a long layover!?!?

                (5/17) I had just that!  In fact, I had a 5+ hour layover at DFW.  So I did what any super obsessed CrossFitter would do and I headed to the closest box that was open.  Lucky me, CF Fort Worth East (252) in Bedford, TX, opened a week earlier about 5 miles from DFW.  There I got to meet Darin, owner of CFFWE, and some of his staff.  They were super excited to have their first drop in to the new location, and I was glad to be it.  We quickly got started in the skill/strength of the day, 3x5 of Heavy HPC.  135, 155, 185, 205, & 225 were my lifts.  Not a bad warm up for our upcoming WOD! A 12m AMRAP of a 300m row and 7 thrusters @ 135, which I loved!  I finished up with just into my 8th round.  CFFWE was a nice space in a great location with great trainers.  Totally cool place layover or not, it’s worth the visit.  Thanks Guys!

                Back to the airport I went to meet up with Jenna and continue on our journey to New Mexico.  Once we got there and got out rental car, we headed out to CF Albuquerque or ABQ (253) in Albuquerque, NM.   Here we met tons of great people and a really awesome staff.  There were too many people to name but they were all super motivated and ready to destroy the WOD in front of them;  1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 KB swing, K2E, & push-ups (for me) and a 20m AMRAP in a death by style with T2B & HSPU for others.  I needed a break and knowing what was in store I took a bit of the high road and then followed it up with a 90# 400m sled pull.  Jenna did really well and finished very strong.  Totally worth the visit! Thanks for a great time, your box had a great energy and the heat wasn’t as bad as I thought was going to be!

                (5/18)  So Jenna wasn’t up for the early morning fun of CF Sandstorm (254) in Bernalilo, NM.  Here I met Shellie, a retired Army captain, and an all around bad ass chic. There were plenty of military jokes with everyone in class since we were all current or former service members.  After a quick run threw of heavy clean pulls, we got started on our task at hand;  50 mountain climber 15 OHS @ 115, 15 Ring push-ups, 50/12/12, 50/9/9, 50.  Now this was a great way to get the juices flowing on a Friday morning.  Totally had a great time and I could have talked to Shellie for hours.  Thanks for having me! You and your box were awesome and I love the name. 

                Now that Jenna was feeling better and we got some sightseeing in, we headed out to CF Hellbox (255) in Rio Rancho, NM.    By now it’s almost noon and it’s starting to get a bit toasty in the desert!  Here I met Shelby Smith, a former Navy Seal, firefighter and police officer, the owner of CFH.  There was no messing around here, we had a bitch of a workout in front of us and her name was “Barbara”. “Barbara” consists of 5 rounds of 20 pull ups, 30 push-ups, 40 sit ups, and 50 squats with a 2min rest after each round.  Shelby and I went head to head Rx and most of the rest of the class was in a scaled version.  Even the pregnant trainer was doing what she could do!!!  Shelby got me in the push-ups but I always seemed to catch him in the squats.  We finished with the best times of the day (22:36) and were happy it was over.  Hellbox lived up to its name and was totally worth the visit.  You are a beast Shelby and your box was an awesome place that really made us feel welcome.  Thanks Again and hope to see you soon!

                From here we headed on to our weekend destination of Santa Fe, NM.  It wasn’t too long before we ran into a whole group of hashers and turned things upside down.  Jenna was drinking in the hot tub and I wasn’t up for that, so I made myself scarce and headed over to Zia CF (256) in Santa Fe, NM.  Here were some fun loving people that had an open gym style approach to a Friday night.  There were things on the white board but no particular order, including a 5-5-3-3-1-1 jerk session, until we got to that WOD.  Here we had 3 rounds of 50 double unders, 10 power cleans @ 135, and 10 alternating hand DB snatches @ 70# in our way.  As we started my rope broke and took almost a solid minute to find another one.  I didn’t let it get to me and got thru the workout in 8:24.  The coaches and crew here were awesome and even had a few beers post WOD.  Thanks for everything, you guys and gals were awesome and very hospitable. 

                (5/19) No I don’t quit, yes I get tired, but no I don’t quit.  So back up and at it we headed over to Undisputed Fitness the home of CF Santa Fe (257) in Santa Fe, NM.  Here Coach Jenna had a fun team WOD in her head and was putting it on the board as we walking in.  150 walking lunges w/25# plate, 50 push-ups, 150 sit ups, 50 pull ups, 150 OHS w/PVC, and a mile run/row.  It was boys verses girls, so 2 on 3.  The boys finished strong with 21:15 while the girls had a little more work to do and finished up in just under 32:00.  The place was pretty cool and most everyone in this class s seemed relatively new.  Coach Jenna was super nice and took her time explaining the movements and standards.  We also had some muscle up practice to contend with as well.  Fun times were had by all and now it’s time for the pool!

(5/21) Things happen and people get lost. Jenna wanted to play in Santa Fe and I wanted to rest up and relax and get ready for what CF Rio Rancho (258) in Rio Rancho, NM had in store for me.  Little did I know that it was hero week at CFRR and “Bulger” was hero 1 for the week.  “Bulger” was 10 rounds of 150m run, 7 C2B pull ups, 7 Front Squats @ 135, & 7 HSPU.  This sucked! Literally at 0930, this workout was ready eat me up.  It was already almost 80 out so bring on the pain!  29m and 6sec later I called time.  I picked myself up and cheered on the only other person in the gym doing this WOD with me…and it was his 2nd WOD ever! CFRR was fun and had a really cool trainer.  Thanks for not killing and reminding me once again why we do what we do. 

            Well back to east coast I go for a few weeks.  Let’s see what kinda local fun I can get into.  Until the next time the road calls my name……