Friday, January 20, 2012

Hawaii, 2012, and 200+

So today is Christmas day 2011 and like a lot of people, I’m heading somewhere warm.  My somewhere is Honolulu, HI, back to the place where I really started my Navy career and where my good friend and old roomie, Mookie, still calls home.  Our friend Susan had some time off, so she tagged along for this trip too!

Christmas dinner was great! Food, friends, and family, what more could I have asked for.  I was even woken up early to some old school KA-KAW’s to catch my first Hawaiian sunrise in almost 5 years.  Now that we’ve had a little fun for the day, it’s time to get to business!

(12/26) I headed over to CF Oahu (200) in Honolulu to meet Dre.  Dre is a 95#, little power house! They were actually scared when she joined, fearing she might get hurt. She didn’t, hasn’t, and loves CF!  Guess they were wrong.  Anyway, I met Bryant, one of the L2 trainers on the island, and talked for a bit while waiting for the rest of the class.  We got started with a track team style warm up, tons of jumps, leaps, and bounding. Then some shoulders right into a max pull ups set, Hi was like 50, I stayed pretty consistent and put up 30.  Then some demo and off to our WOD of: 10-9-8….3-2-1 Rung Push Ups, Jump Squats to 2ft overhead target and burpees!  It was HSPU instead of Ring push ups but since the hand is still messed up, I took it a bit easier.  Finished up in 13:20.  It was good having two good friends there with me to celebrate this milestone.    The crew was great and the box was amazing.  Everyone stayed extra and supported till the very end, it was 15min after I was done and I was right there along with everyone else.  Totally Cool!  We actually even got to stay late for some barbell work.  Susan did back squats and I worked my snatch up to 202#(PR)!!  CFO was a BLAST!! I’m sure I’ll see you again soon. 

(12/27) Bryant had told me his schedule for the week and since he was teaching at multiple locations throughout the island, I figured why mess up a good thing.  So I headed out to CF Kailua (201) in Kailua to meet up with him again.  This time, I got a sneak peak at what was about to go down.  “Jason” was the hero WOD on the board. This one was no joke; I was cheering on the class before me even thru my warm up.  “Jason” = 100 squats, 5 MU, 75/10, 50/15, 25/20 F’N BRUTAL!  Tons of mods in the class but 4 of us shared three sets of rings and at least finished.  I was having trouble pushing out of the bottom, so I just kipped to the dip and then came out after about 35 MU’s.  With my alteration, I finished in 29:35.  This was nasty and it hurt.  Just like CFO, CFK had that same cheer each other on mentality and we stayed late to push to the last man was finished.  Different group, same love! I’ve gotta hand it to CFO for having a solid foundation here on the island.  Kick ass job CFK.  See ya at least one more time B. DO WORK, BE EPIC!

(12/28) Well we wanted to go do some touristy stuff today, so we hit an early, 9am, WOD at CF Ewa Beach (202) in Kapolei (technically).  After 202, you would think I had my own waiver, but nope, more waivers and then a warm up.  Our skill was actually pretty fun, it was 2 OHS @ 135# every 30 sec for 15 rounds. It was double fun, since we had to go from the ground and could squat snatch it and stand to count as one.  Double the practice within the single movement is always a bonus.  Now I did a shit ton of MU’s yesterday and for some reason this island loves MU’s so I’m scaling this WOD!  20m AMRAP: 5 Dips, 10 Burpees, & 15 Wall Balls.  I made it thru 7+ rounds but it was tough, I was still super gassed from yesterday.  It wasn’t a big class, but we all had a great time and the young woman, who was the coach, actually wasn’t a L1 yet, but she was very knowledgeable with her instructions.  The only problem I found was that the location wasn’t easy to find on the website(s) other than that, it was another great box on the island.  Thanks Again CFEB!

(12/29) I told Bryant that he hadn’t seen the last of me.  This time was at CF Waipio (203) in Waipio.  I guess no one liked the 1700 class today, because it was just Susan and I.  After an around the island day and then a run back over to Kailua to pick up a make-up bag, don’t ask, we had what seemed to be a personal training session with Bryant and his female trainer, I feel bad cuz I just called her coach the whole time.  This was gonna be different today, because we weren’t allowed to drop the bar due to the neighbors.  Odd, but hey, there was a burpee penalty if we dropped and we had enough burpees coming our way as it was.  1. 5m AMRAP 5 snatches, 10 burpees / 2. 10m AMRAP Palm tree run, 5 Front Squats (was thrusters) / 3. Same as one. 
Needless to say, this one sucked, especially not being able to drop on the Front Squats.  Overall rounds finished were score.  Susan 7 – Mike 9  Thanks one last time Bryant for your hospitality and I hope to see you again in the near future.  Your gym(s) rock and I’m glad I got to see them all.

(12/30) This is gonna be the last WOD of 2011.  It’s been a good year. It’s had its ups and downs but all in all I’m a better person I think.  Let’s see what 2012 has in store for us!  For now though, let’s hit this final WOD of 2011.  I met Kimo, owner/head trainer, at CF Hawaii (204) in Honolulu.  After a quick waiver, we were off with the warm up and meeting a bunch of the students (20+) in the process. This was gonna be Susan and my last WOD together for a while, so I was hoping for something good….and I hoped right!  5rds of 9 Deadlifts, 6 Hang Power Snatch, 3 Overhead Squats and a 300m Run.  As I’m not a big fan of running, I figured all my time would be spent there and I was right.  All reps were unbroken while keeping a snatch grip for my deadlifts.  I finished up in 11:18.  Susan was around the 14-15 mark, which was pretty kick ass out of all the girls.  We hung around for a bit longer, playing on the rings, jumping on tires and general adult fun before we took off to the beach.  It was definitely a fun box with a wide variety of clientele.  Great to meet you Kimo and keep doing great things at CFH/HAF

 (1/1/12) WELCOME 2012 and a much needed rest / football day at the church of the orange shorts.

(1/2) Time to get back to work!  I brought in 2012 with a HERO WOD at CF 808 (205) in Honolulu.  Elyse Umeda, of CF Games glory, owns this box.  They were in a bit of a holiday routine, with everyone getting to go between 1500 & 1700.  I was in the 1700 class, which gave me a few moments to view the damage that I was about to endure.  “Hildalgo” consists of a 2mi run, rest 2min, 20 Squat cleans @ 135, 20 Box jumps @ 24”, 20 lunges with a 45# plate overhead, 20 BJ, 20 SC, rest 2min, 2mi run.  Once again I HATE RUNNING, so this was gonna be a test….a 58:44 test.  That sucked something fierce!  I’m glad it was over but I’m glad I did something like as a reminder of what you need to do sometimes to be better.  The class hung around for a long time talking story and watching Elyse clean the gym.  I talked with her for a bit and even got a sweaty pic with her for the memory.  I look forward to seeing Elyse again, at the games, and next time I’m on the island or you’re on the island, stop by.  It’s close to the airport and it’s totally worth the trip.  Thanks again Elyse, I totally appreciated it, YOU and YOUR CREW ROCK!

(1/3) Now something that is completely new to even me, a box in a hotel.  CF Waikiki (206) in Waikiki was actually in the IIikai hotel.  The temp space was small but the necessary till the new, bigger space was ready.  We started off with what I thought was the longest stretch ever, it kinda reminded me of yoga class. Then we went for a run around a lagoon, followed by some more stretching and some speed drills.  Now it was time for the WOD: 100 Squats, Lagoon run, 50/Run, 25/Run. Damn Hawaiian boxes and their running! We finished up the last run with a little race at the end in 13:36.  Most of the people were really cool, Marcus especially was excited to show off the new space to anyone who would go look.  Coach was a bit abrasive but I hear that’s her nature and most people already know that.  Thanks for a good WOD and letting me be the first one to hit some Muscle ups on the new rig.  Looking forward to see how CF Vacation packages work for CFW.  Good Luck and Aloha!

(1/4) Now as in all trips is the last WOD of the trip.  Lucky for me it is the last box on the island that I have yet to hit, so it’s all good.  I met Keoni, owner/head trainer, at CF East Oahu (207) in Hawaii Kai even before our class started. He came out to introduce himself during as the current WOD was finishing up.   Everyone was really friendly even before class started so I knew this was gonna be a fun one.  Little did I know that I would be the only guy in class, yeah me!  We started off with something that I never really seen before but really liked, Keoni and his wife Rose we off island for a month and wanted some feedback on the trainers that they had step in for them while they were gone; Things that they liked and maybe wanted to keep for future classes or things that they didn’t like.  When he got to me, he simply asked what was one of the things, after 207 boxes, could I take away from all of them.  My answer was long winded but overall it was FAMILY.  The clients there all understood and I hope he liked what I had to say.  Now on to the WOD:  3x500m row, row all 3 sub 1:45 for Rx, 100 clapping push-ups, and 200 sit ups, done in any order.  This sucked in a good way!  I finished up in 18:31, just in front of most of the girls luckily.  Everyone stuck around to either buy some Inov8’s, talk story or watch one woman prep for Keoni’s TRANSFORMATION project.  This was super cool and I’m glad I got to be part of it.  Thanks again Keoni, you and your crew are class act’s and I’m lucky to have got in while you were on the island.  You definitely have a box worth checking into If on island.

Well time to fly back to the mainland and get back to reality.  Hawaii was great.  I got to see a ton of people I haven’t seen in years and meet a whole bunch more.  Mahalo’s to all the CrossFit’s on the island for letting me raid your T-Shirt stashes and invade your boxes during my visit. Thank you Mookie for letting me borrow the futon, couch, beach, and for letting me invade you with a little KA-KAW! Until we meet again Hawaii, Aloha and I love you!  SHAKA!!!!!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012


So I had planned a fun weekend with friends in Reading PA. We had plenty of things planned including a visit to CF Berks / CorpsFitness (199).  I wasn’t alone on this visit, I had new boot to CFB, Tom or OE, CF York regular Lanita and rookie Kara, to keep me company. 

We had an extensive warm up and then got into our WOD:

5rds 18 KB Swings @ 1.5, 18 burpees, 200m run, 18 box jumps, and 18 Med Ball Thrusters. 

The instructors were finishing up an inter gym competition so the dozen plus not competing were on their own.   It wasn’t’ so bad but I was more worried about my friends doing things the right way.  So I would do a round and then check on them.  I’m not sure how long it took, since the WOD was completely untimed but I know that good work got done by all.  Thanks to CF Berks for letting us have a little fun in the morning before a lot of fun in the evening. 

Next stop....Hawaii and Box 200 and beyond!

Thanksgiving 2011

(11/23) So it’s time to head back home and see the family.  As always though, I’ve never made it through Columbus, OH without stopping for something.  This time was to see some of my other family and hit a new box.  CF Future was having their grand opening(ish), 1st annual UM/OSU Throwdown.  It was a partnered WOD but that didn’t stop me.  I was partnered with Jay Younger from CF New Albany, and he turned out to be a pretty good partner. We took 1st place men’s team (2nd to the girls team by 30sec). 

The WOD was a brutal 6 round, 207 rep per round ass kicker! 

We finished in 36:41 and not a second to soon, cuz it sucked!  I had a great time, even with breaking a bone in my hand mid WOD. 

(11/24) I got up early from my Aunt and Uncles house and continued on to see the family.  Like always though, I had to get a pre-turkey day dinner WOD in.  I hit up CF 513 (196) in Cincinnati, OH with my good friend Jenna. We were the only ones in the first session of the morning, so we went side by side in the WOD: 10m AMRAP of 10 Deadlifts @ 135 and 10 Ring Push Ups.  I finished 3 reps shy of 13 rounds and Jenna just finish 7.  We had a lot of fun together and I even left some blood on the ring straps.  Overall it was an okay box, not much training was needed, so not much was given.  I did give Jenna a gift after by taking her to the Sweatt Shop to meet Shane Sweatt and Laura Phelps-Sweatt.  She PR'd her bench press there, which was awesome to see.  Happy Thanksgiving to you Jenna. 

(11/25)  Now that Turkey Day is behind us and the holiday season is officially underway, it was time for a kick ass workout.  I headed down Queen City CF (197) in downtown Cincy.  After some basic formalities and the warm up, Siu had a dandy WOD in store for us.  25-1-20-2-15-3-10-4-5-5 Sit Ups and Muscle Ups. This was way harder than I thought. Maybe because my arms were still tore open or the fact that I had a broken bone in my hand, either way, this took a toll on me!  Finished in 13:19 but I think I had like 8 or 9 missed MU's.  Way to QCCF, you guys rocked.  I'm glad I got to visit and good luck on the new space. 

(11/26) Jenna was excited to head south and visit a new box so that's exactly what we did.  We hit up CF Maximus (198) in Lexinton, KY.  I'm not exactly sure who our coach was, she didn't introduce herself to the four drop-in's, but I did get a good teammate for the WOD in Dave.  Our WOD was in Teams of 2, 1 working at a time, we had 7rds of 14 Back Squats @ 185, 14 Burpee Box Jumps and a Street Run.  We broke it up how we wanted and killed it. We hit a 23:15 I think all my Smolov training played a good role in this. We did get to hang out and help some of our class with muscle ups and pull ups, which is always fun.  I had mixed feelings about the box but I had a good time.  Thanks Seth, we had fun. 

Well time to head back home and then really head back home.  I'm so close to 200 boxes, I can smell the Poi, salt water, and Sunscreen!  Till our next WOD!

Jersey Bound!

(11/10) In the wake of everything that has gone on at Penn State, I still had to make it up there to see my friends and head east to the Balanced Bites seminar in New Jersey.  I headed north outta Pittsburgh and hit State College about 3 hours later. 

I hit CF Lionheart (189) on a rest day but still got some solid work in.  4rds of 5 Pull Ups, 7 Power Cleans and 9 Deadlifts @ 185. On the board it looked easy, it was way harder than it looked though.  It was only 185, but it turned out rougher than I had dreamed of.  Glad I had someone to go at it with.  Thanks Shawn, I had a blast.  Good People here, good place to visit.

(11/11) Veterans Day turned out to be a triplet kinda day.  I haven’t had one of these in a while, so let’s see what’s in the tank.  Still in State College, my 1st stop of the day is at CF Nittany (190) for a ½ “Bradley” (5rd vice 10rd) of 100m run, 10 pull ups, 100m run, 10 burpees in (13:14)  Knowing I had 2 more WODS ahead of me, I’m glad I only did half.  The crew here was solid and awesome to WOD with.  If you get the chance, hit them up, it’ll be well spent hour. 

A little further down the road and after an altercation with the law, I hit CF Lewisburg (191) in Lewisburg, PA.  This place had a full on gymnastics facility and it was awesome!  The trainer was a former gymnast and loved doing stupid human tricks. Spinning muscle ups and back hand spring burpees.  As we got thru the warm up and the demo, I asked to try and use the high bar in the WOD and it was a go! 11rds of 11 cleans @ 95#, box jumps @ 20, & 11 K2E in 19:11.  Fun times!! It was a little outta the way but it was so worth it.  It’s like a giant playground for adults there!!  Keep doing good things CFL.

Finally back in New Jersey, I made it to the last stop of the day, CF Link (192) in Fairfield, NJ.  They had an array of Purple and Orange everywhere! From the rig, to their clothes, to the markers used on the white board, they bleed Purple and Orange!  I’m in a lifting program, so Big J let me hit my lifts instead of their WOD.  5x7 Back Squats @ 275.  I also got to cheer on Balanced Bites ring leader Diane Sanfilippo there as well.  Awesome box in Jersey if you get the chance to visit, DO!

(11/12) I hit CF A.C.T. (193) for the Balanced Bites Nutrition Seminar.  Tons of good info and even a graphic talk on poop!  I play on some of the gear but nothing on a clock. I met some great people and really cool gym owners.  Can’t wait to get back and meet their crew one day. 

(11/13) Now after some deliberation, CF at Run, Jump,Lift (194) in South Orange, NJ was chosen.  I don’t know how you would explain this box, but it was different.  Nothing fancy, just pure “DO WORK” was happening.  It was a box that tailored a few different WODs each day to its athletes.  We were no different as Coach Malcolm had a crazy WOD that he liked in mind and wanted us to try our hands at.  He called this monster “VIKING”,  cuz like Vikings we were gonna row in, pull the boat ashore, rape, pillage, plunder, push the boat out to sea, row back out and then celebrate!  In WOD words it was 3rds of 1200m row, 160# prowler pull (25m), 32 sledge hammer hits, 32 slam balls, 120# dummy carry (50m), 160# prowler push, 600m row, & 8 burpees! (37:08) Pretty Nasty!!!!   All in all, this box is totally worth the visit and Malcolm’s way with his young athletes is spectacular.  I’ve never seen that kind of respect and teaching of how to be young men in any other place.  Well done sir and thank you for this experience. 

Well that sum’s up one more crazy weekend in the life of the Traveling Crossfitter.  Time to get ready for Thanksgiving weekend!