Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Annapolis, Nation, Bio, & Southern Maryland

(2/22)  It’s looking like another fast paced day, with lots of ground to cover.  Our first stop was to be at CF Annapolis (341) in Annapolis, MD.  Unfortunately, I misread the time and showed up for the very end of class.  Here I met, Ryan Thompson, he is also a trainer at CF BWI, which I will get to in a few days.  Since there was no class, he let me hit a quick 10m AMRAP of 10KB Snatches @ 2p and 5 MU.  This was tough but it’s what we were doing back at IF and I would be doing it anyways.  After the workout, we sat around and BS’d for a few.  Cool dude, nice place to WOD.  Definitely a fun visit!

  Now I headed about an hour south to meet up with my good friend Leah and see her box, CF Nation (342) in Easton, MD .  It may be a tad out of the way, but definitely the best place in town!  With a little persuasion, I had convinced Leah to do “Grace” with the class.  I even upped the ante and did it at 75#, one handed.  It was a fun race and all the ladies that morning were amazing.  All in all it was great to see my friend, meet her crew and even score some breakfast to catch up with her.  Look forward to seeing you in Feb…with your partner in crime….in Hawaii! 

Continuing on this long day, I found myself in King George County, VA and at BIO CF (343).  Here I met Max, owner of the newly opened box.  Pretty cool place, with some great members.  After a warm up and a movement review we hit the strength portion 3x5 front squats with a 3 sec hold at bottom.  Stayed strong hitting 255 on the last set, then prepped for the WOD.  4rds of (10) 4” deficit pushups, 20 overhead lunges with a 45# plate, and 10 deadlifts at 155 is what we tackled, finishing in 6:35.  BIO was a pretty cool little place with tons of potential.  Keep it up Max


(2/23)  Now I knew this was going to be outta the way but I took my friend Katie up to CF Southern MD (344) in Waldorf, MD .  We didn’t have much of a WOD but had snatches.  Today was just 20m to 1RM Snatch then 20m to 1 RM C&J.  Katie worked with one of the trainers, while I hit 185 and failed 195 on the snatch and hit 255 and failed 275 on the jerk.  Thanks for letting us hop into your Saturday morning fun and I will always remember that if I drop the bar, everyone else has to do burpees!


Next stop Cincinnati....maybe!

Push 511 - A CF Life & Federal Hill

(2/21)  Push 511, ACrossFit Life (339) in Baltimore, MD was a bit hard to find if you were a drop in or new, but it was great time once I found it.  Here I met Anne Marie, owner of 511.  She was a super nice lady and very smart.  After the warm up, we practiced our skill set needed for the WOD then got right after it:  3 rounds of 10 Overhead Squats @ 135 and 50 Double Unders.  This was right up my alley and I smashed it in 4:55.  Overall, I had fun, parking may be an issued depending on the time you are there. Thanks for the fun and enjoy the Kill Cliff!

Still in the mood for a challenge I headed over to the newest box in town, CF Federal Hill (340).  Owner Geo was my friend Christina’s old trainer out in San Diego at CF Mission Gorge, which I hope to hit later this year.  After our warm up, we got into strength portion of 3x5 snatch grip deadlifts.  Starting a bit light, I finished at 225.  Our WOD that was looming was a modification from the 2012 CF open but none the less fun.  15m AMRAP of 150 squats, 90 double unders, and 30 pull ups.  Taking charge of this was one was tough, though 3 people got thru the 30 pull ups and back thru most of the squats (130 for me).  Federal Hill was a great addition to the CF family and should be around in B-more for a long time.

Sorry this is taking so long, I got back to being a real sailor again and I had to do deployments and other "Navy" things like that. More to come, I'm only 69 boxes, and 2 countries behind!