Thursday, January 5, 2012

Jersey Bound!

(11/10) In the wake of everything that has gone on at Penn State, I still had to make it up there to see my friends and head east to the Balanced Bites seminar in New Jersey.  I headed north outta Pittsburgh and hit State College about 3 hours later. 

I hit CF Lionheart (189) on a rest day but still got some solid work in.  4rds of 5 Pull Ups, 7 Power Cleans and 9 Deadlifts @ 185. On the board it looked easy, it was way harder than it looked though.  It was only 185, but it turned out rougher than I had dreamed of.  Glad I had someone to go at it with.  Thanks Shawn, I had a blast.  Good People here, good place to visit.

(11/11) Veterans Day turned out to be a triplet kinda day.  I haven’t had one of these in a while, so let’s see what’s in the tank.  Still in State College, my 1st stop of the day is at CF Nittany (190) for a ½ “Bradley” (5rd vice 10rd) of 100m run, 10 pull ups, 100m run, 10 burpees in (13:14)  Knowing I had 2 more WODS ahead of me, I’m glad I only did half.  The crew here was solid and awesome to WOD with.  If you get the chance, hit them up, it’ll be well spent hour. 

A little further down the road and after an altercation with the law, I hit CF Lewisburg (191) in Lewisburg, PA.  This place had a full on gymnastics facility and it was awesome!  The trainer was a former gymnast and loved doing stupid human tricks. Spinning muscle ups and back hand spring burpees.  As we got thru the warm up and the demo, I asked to try and use the high bar in the WOD and it was a go! 11rds of 11 cleans @ 95#, box jumps @ 20, & 11 K2E in 19:11.  Fun times!! It was a little outta the way but it was so worth it.  It’s like a giant playground for adults there!!  Keep doing good things CFL.

Finally back in New Jersey, I made it to the last stop of the day, CF Link (192) in Fairfield, NJ.  They had an array of Purple and Orange everywhere! From the rig, to their clothes, to the markers used on the white board, they bleed Purple and Orange!  I’m in a lifting program, so Big J let me hit my lifts instead of their WOD.  5x7 Back Squats @ 275.  I also got to cheer on Balanced Bites ring leader Diane Sanfilippo there as well.  Awesome box in Jersey if you get the chance to visit, DO!

(11/12) I hit CF A.C.T. (193) for the Balanced Bites Nutrition Seminar.  Tons of good info and even a graphic talk on poop!  I play on some of the gear but nothing on a clock. I met some great people and really cool gym owners.  Can’t wait to get back and meet their crew one day. 

(11/13) Now after some deliberation, CF at Run, Jump,Lift (194) in South Orange, NJ was chosen.  I don’t know how you would explain this box, but it was different.  Nothing fancy, just pure “DO WORK” was happening.  It was a box that tailored a few different WODs each day to its athletes.  We were no different as Coach Malcolm had a crazy WOD that he liked in mind and wanted us to try our hands at.  He called this monster “VIKING”,  cuz like Vikings we were gonna row in, pull the boat ashore, rape, pillage, plunder, push the boat out to sea, row back out and then celebrate!  In WOD words it was 3rds of 1200m row, 160# prowler pull (25m), 32 sledge hammer hits, 32 slam balls, 120# dummy carry (50m), 160# prowler push, 600m row, & 8 burpees! (37:08) Pretty Nasty!!!!   All in all, this box is totally worth the visit and Malcolm’s way with his young athletes is spectacular.  I’ve never seen that kind of respect and teaching of how to be young men in any other place.  Well done sir and thank you for this experience. 

Well that sum’s up one more crazy weekend in the life of the Traveling Crossfitter.  Time to get ready for Thanksgiving weekend!          


  1. Glad to know CF Lewisburg is worth it! That's very near Dude's hometown and we'll make a visit when we're out that way visiting his folks.
    Thanks, NM!!

  2. Mike,
    Thanks for the favorable review. We loved having you guys out and hope to see yal again soon. Viking IS a monster and one of my Favs. Hopefully next time you are in, you'll get to train with the rest of the crew.
    All the best brother.
    -Coach Malcolm