Monday, October 22, 2012

Ohio Valley CrossFit

(8/25)   So I bought a new Jeep and as always some DMV work would be needed.  So I took off for the closest area with a box that I had not visited yet, St. Clairsville, OH.  Here in the local was the home of the newest box in Ohio, OV CrossFit (285). I was a little late due to not knowing it was actually in the mall, but it was fine in the end.  The class was learning and reviewing the clean and jerk, so I just loosened up in the back of the room.  Owner and Head Coach Rachel Goodman greeted me when I got there and introduced me to her husband, Co-owner and current coach at the time Jay.  They were both super nice and inviting.  Once the class was done learning, Jay began to explain the workout:  A 10m AMRAP of 8 Clean and Jerks @ 135# & 10 Double Unders.  Everyone tried super hard and was encouraging to one another.  I finished up with 8 full rounds and 8 C&Js.  All in all I had a great time, even without getting my Jeep taken care of.  If you get the chance, check them out, they are a super nice group and totally fun.  Thanks for everything!!!

Next stop is a work trip with a box just open for me!