Saturday, October 27, 2012

Rosslyn, Rock Creek, & Walter Reed

I’m back in the DC area again, this time to get a overseas screening physical so I can move
to back to Hawaii in March.  I found a rarity the CrossFit community, a Sunday class. 

(9/16) CrossFit Rosslyn (292) in Arlington, VA was not in your typical spot.  This box was above a new station! Needless to say, there was not dropping weights.  Being a Sunday, class was light, only 3 including myself.  They actually repeat the weekend WODs so that all their members get a chance at it.  This was not a typical wod day, definitely more gymnastics based by far: A 10m EMOM of 4 handstand shoulder touches followed by max T2B with T2B being your score.  At the end of the 10m I felt crushed! 118 T2B is a lot in that time frame.  The other two people in class Rachel and Feener were awesome and fun to work with.  CFR was a fun time and I hope that someday they can drop a weight or two without causing a ruckus.  Thanks for having me; it was great meeting you all.

(9/17) I hadn’t done an early morning WOD in weeks.  So I figured I hit up Rock Creek CrossFit (293) in Kensington, MD and the early morning class.  First off was a favorite of mine, the heavy OHS at 5x3.  135, 155, 185, 205, & 225 felt really good, even at that time of morning.  After that we hit a fun 5rd WOD of 10 hang snatches @ 115, 10 mtn climbers, and 20m shuttle run.  I’m not sure on times but Coach Ian Nigh was super great in pushing everyone to get through the workout with good form and speed.  RCCF was a blast, everyone was super nice and totally inviting.  Make the trip; it’ll be totally worth it. 

 After my appointments at the hospital I headed over to the daily workout at CrossFit Walter Reed (294) in Bethesda, MD.  Here I met Jason Strum, an Army vet and an amputee.  Before I even talk about a workout, I have to say that this place is amazing.  It’s commitment to our countries veterans and warriors.  The people hear were amazing and inspiring.  I got to work with Murphy.  I totally cool guy, who can deadlift a shit ton.  After our strength portion, we hit a fun WOD of 12-9-6 DB thrusters @ 50#, 2p KB swings, and strict pull ups.  I finished quick, but it wasn’t the point.  I instantly went to cheer on the rest of the class.  There was a member of every branch of the military represented today and each one got a small ration of shit, all in good fun, from Jason.  If you can get on base, make the time to visit the place.  Remember the most important rule, if you don’t have all your original fingers and toes, you get first pick at gear.  If there is no more gear, cheer on the rest of the class!


I had a blast trip and may even hit a box on the way home.  We all know that I will find the closest box on the way home………

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