Friday, October 26, 2012

Nexus and Advanced Performance

(9/8) You must think I love Ohio by now.  You would be right in that assumption.  Being from the Buckeye state, make me very proud to keep going there and besides, they have more boxes within two hours of me than anywhere else. 

We kept talking about it so we finally just chose to visit CF Nexus (290) in Solon, OH.  Here we had a team WOD in store for us.  Since Mari and I came together, we were teamed up together.  She’ll always tell you that I don’t liked being teamed up with her; truth is I don’t mind, just like meeting other people during these trips. 

So here’s what was up our alley: We both work at the same time to complete 50 Wall Balls, 20 Turkish get-ups, 50 Air squats with plate 25/10, 30 Wall ball sit ups, 300 DU - 50 then switch one works one holds plank, 50 K2E - 10 then switch one works one holds plank, & 50 push press @ 85/35 bar cannot hit the ground, penalty of 5 burpees each at the end if it does. 

We tore this one fast and furiously finishing in around 16:20.  It helped having a lil lighter weight.  I did suck a little bit since Mari couldn’t do K2E.  CFN was totally inviting and made us feel really welcome.  Great crew and great people, glad we made the visit.  Thanks for having us!!!


After a brief stop to say hello to one of our favorites, CF Mantra, we continued south to Advanced Performance CF (291) in Wadsworth, OH.  Here met a ton of great people including Dave C. and Tim.  I was already warm, so I talked to the Bryan during the group 400m run.  After a little more warm up we got right after it.  10 rounds of 15 deadlifts @ 135 and 15 pushups was on the board.  There were some good times on the board and some studs in class, so I knew that was gonna hard and fast.  Dave set my pace and we were neck and neck till the very end.  We tore thru this with the fastest times of the day, with Dave taking top time. Overall APCF was a blast.  From start to finish I had nothing less than a good time there.  I just hope Nick is still alive and doesn’t want to kill us for pushing him at the end to not quit and finish. 

If by some chance you end up in Wadsworth, go see them.  You won’t be disappointed. 


Nine left till the next big milestone and with trips to Charlotte, Bethesda and home planned, who is going be 300?

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