Friday, October 19, 2012

CF Bel Air and Harford

(8/18)  A lazy and relaxing day on the river has to start with a little excitement. 

My good friend Becca had been hounding me all weekend to come to the river, so I went down early, crashed and figured I would hit a box or two before floating my day away.  A near death driving experience and a run in with the law thanks to my good friend Lanita’s amazing driving skills, made for a fun ride down to CrossFit Harford (283) in Forest Mill, MD. Here we met the 8am crew and prepped for what was about to unknowingly suck!!!  We were split into two groups 2 boys and 1 girl and 2 boys and 2 girls.  Lanita and I were on a team together along with one other guy.  The WOD went like this: Rotate and row 4k, while one person did squat cleans at 95/65 worth 10m for everyone completed. We would get 15m per SC since we were a person down.  Lanita held us together doing probably half of all the SC. 1k into the WOD, our third member got hurt.  We continued without him taking now 20m per SC.  This 40m AMRAP scored pretty close in the end with final totals 10,350 to 9915. All in all it was fun but super taxing.  CF Harford had some good people and they were super nice to us.  Thanks for having us.


            With 30m to kill, we headed the literally 2 mile trip over to CrossFit Bel Air  (284) in Forest Mill, MD.   This place was a lot bigger than CFH and held a lot more people for the 0930 WOD.  Another team WOD, this time designed for 2.  After a good warm up, I was paired with Keith.  We watched the first groups go first and tackle the WOD.  Member 1 rowed 500m while member 2 lunged down and back (d&b) with a 45/25# pound plate and then they switched places and did it again.  Stage 2 was a wheel barrow d&b, where both people had to be the top and bottom.  3rd was a 70# farmer carry d&b and finally 50 box jumps.  Getting to watch gave Keith and I a chance to strategize and then got to kill in a time of 6:26.  CFBA was a great time.  The coaches and crew were awesome.  I even helped the odd numbered person finish her WOD.  Definitely worth the visit to Bel Air….there were NO Fresh Princes there FYI.

Well, time for the river and some cider.  Next stop a special box opened just for me!

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