Tuesday, October 2, 2012

One Morning in New Orleans....

(8/10)  So I went to New Orleans…it happens.  I got in late….my friends were already on Bourbon St…..I went to bed to get ready for a little fun in the morning…..my way!
3 boxes, 3 WODS, and all before I could eat the steam bison burger I would get between boxes 2 and 3. 
Up early to hit the first WOD of the morning.  I must say people are still up and drinking at 0700 on Friday morning in this town! 
I worked my way over to CF Nola 504 (280) where I was met with Nutts!    Nutts: 10 HSPU, 15 deadlifts @ 250, 25 Box jumps at 30”, 50 Pull ups, 100 wall balls, 200 double unders and 400m run with a 45# plate.  Nutts is dirty, so I only did ½ knowing what was in store for me for the rest of the day. 5/8/13/25/50/100.  I don’t remember the time, somewhere around 9 minutes.  I had a total blast at 504 and the space was awesome.  Plenty of room and great people there too!  I have a feeling I may see this again really soon……
After I grabbed a shirt or two, I headed over to CF New Orleans (281) for their 0930 WOD.  This was goona be fun.  We kinda started in waves due to the sheer volume of people and not enough rowers but it all worked out.  One of their best asked to race, so I said ok.  So we took off after our 10 rounds of 250m row, 7 DB strict presses, Left side @ 35, 14 stick sit ups, 7 R presses, and 7 elevated pushups.  It was rough, I think I barely won that battle, but he said he did extra pushups.  No worries, nothing extra in here ever hurt me.  Tony was super cool and I had a good time.  The crew was very supportive of one another and I liked that.  There was one drop in from Lafayette who was awesome too, I so wish I could remember her name.  If I ever run into her again, I owe her another sweaty hug!

No, I haven’t eaten yet, but I still have this feeling I’m gonna see Nutts again.  After waiting for that awesome bison burger, I found my way into CF NOLA (282)  and saw Nutts!  This time owners Jeff and Molly were there and saved me from doing it again.  Instead, I got to do two other painful workouts, one with Molly and one for Syn.  WOD 1: 11m EMOM of 2 Cleans @ 205 and 1 30” box jump.  Not bad.  Molly is a beast FYI!!!  WOD 2: 15rd 1 Squat snatch into 5 Overhead squats.  5 @ 95, 5 @ 115, 5 @ 135.  Each set got harder; each set sucked more and more.  CF NOLA was awesome.  People, staff, and location were all totally perfect.  I don’t think the truck driver liked Molly pushing the sled down the street, but he’ll get over it.  Thank you so much for having me

If you end up in the Big Easy, hit up all these places.  They are totally welcoming and will kick you in your “beers as big as your head” ass!
I do have only one regret though, my car was blocked in on Saturday morning and I couldn’t make it out to Crescent City CF.  Anne T. has become one of those text/email friends that I look forward to talking to all the time.  I promise that I will make it to C3F before I head to the island! 
Ok, next stop is the river with the girls!

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