Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Uncompromised, Bethesda, & Perseverance

Once again I ended up working in Central PA.  I seem to do this a lot, damn job!  So as always I found a few new boxes and an old friend to visit. 
(8/27) It was close, so I went to see my good friend, Tricia Magrini.  Tricia is about to open CrossFitUncompromised (286) in Lititz, PA and I am about to get a firsthand look at box not even open yet.  You so gotta love good people in this community. After a great box tour, I got to get after some of the workload I had in my regular programming.  Back squats for load: 5 @ 275, 3 @ 315, 20 @ 255, 14 @ 255, & 10 @ 255.   Then Tricia joined in for a little 5 rounder of 10 cal row, 7 deadlifts @ 275, and 5 HSPU.  This one was a blast and even more fun to tackle it with a good friend.  Now that CFU is open, I get more and more great feedback of the great work coming out of that awesome spot.  If you’re in the area, then hit up this spot.  You will not be disappointed, I promise!


(8/28) Dave and I had to go down to Bethesda to visit the uniform shop at the hospital there.  After we were done, I had a hour available to hit up CrossFit Bethesda (287) in Bethesda, MD for the 1500 open gym time while Dave found the bar. Here I met Judd Borakove, he was super cool and let me hit more of my own programming.  I built up to a 3rep set of a 225 push press followed by a 5-3-1(max) (225/275/300-3) of Front Squats.  As they started their workout, I started mine.  A 10m EMOM of 2 squat snatches and 4 pistols.  I did ok, but Judd was great and showed me a few things to work on my flexibility to help my pistols.  I watched the next class and CFB looked like they totally had their stuff together.  If you’re in the area, for good or bad reasons, check them out, you may learn a thing or two.


(8/29) I decided to hit up a newer box in the area, so I called up my good friend Lanita to tackle it with me.  I made my way over to Ryan Alichwer’s box, CrossFitPerseverance (288) in Carlisle, PA.  It seemed a little redundant for the week, but we hit back squats again.  This time it wasn’t nearly the same work load, 3x5 185, 225, & 315.  Since there were only four of us, we got to our WOD fairly quick.  3 rd, 10 C&J @ 115, 50 MTN climbers, and 300’ of walking plate lunges.  This was a fun race, especially since Lanita has been getting really good.  I may have only beaten her by 5 seconds.  I know we don’t win at CrossFit, but we are good friends and love to challenge one another.  As for CFP, they are small but with time, should grow into something really good for Carlisle. 


Well time to get home and maybe visit a new local box or even head back to Ohio.  Only time will tell. 12 more till 300!!!

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