Monday, October 29, 2012

Southern Columbus CF

(10/6) I had to head home for the long weekend so that we could have family Thanksgiving before my niece went to Asia for work during the real Thanksgiving. 

So I headed south but only got halfway home before I did what I do best.  Drop in to a CrossFit box.  This time was Southern Columbus CF (296) in Grove City, OH.  Here I met Kyle and the 1100 class for the Hero we were about to take on.  “Coe” which is 10 rounds of 10 thrusters @ 95# and 10 ring pushups, was our hero of the day.  I finished up in just under 17 minutes, I wasn’t going super fast, but trying to make sure I did as many sets as possible unbroken. 

            SCCF was a pretty cool and inviting place.  Kyle and all his crew were totally welcoming and I’m sure I could sit and talk to them for hours.  I wish I could have but I had to get and they had the OSU Homecoming game to get to.  SCCF is totally worth making the trip to, thanks for everything, I had a blast.

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