Sunday, November 25, 2012

CF Cabarrus #301

 (10/21)  So now that 300 has been hit, I figured I'll slow down a bit work on my own training.......Yeah Right!  So I got up early and headed over to CrossFit Cabarrus (301) in Concord, NC. Here I met Coach Jaimie and the rest of the Saturday morning crew.  It was a small bunch, but fun.  They are located inside the Sportcenter there in Concord.  After a nice trail run around the facility, we warm up a bit more and then had the WOD explained to us.  This was a 2-person team Double WOD.  I was paired with Steve who was relatively new, but a hard worker.  WOD 1: 4min Cal Row followed by a 90sec transition to a 4min AMRAP of 5 pull ups, 10 PVC overhead squats, & 20 Double unders.  It was a fun 1st WOD, hitting over 120cal and 7 plus rounds. After a few minutes of rest, we hit WOD 2 of 8min of Burpee box jumps (24"), 6min of Push Press (65#),  4min of ball pass sit ups, and 2min of ball slams (25#).  Totally a great way to end these workout.   Overall, CFC was a fun place with great people, a very welcoming crew, and plenty of space to grow.  Good Luck in the future CFC, thanks for having me, and keep getting after it!

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