Thursday, January 31, 2013

TeamBSS, 724, & Morgantown

I know it’s been a while a while but life, school, career, and the holidays all have seemed to get in the way of my blogging.  Quick update, I am getting transferred to Hawaii in a few days, I did move all my thing from Pittsburgh already, got another tattoo, and graduated Columbia Southern University, Cum Laude, since my last blog.  So now I’m gonna do my best to catch up on the 22 boxes I’ve visited since then and do it rather quickly. Here we go!!!


(11/10/12) My bestest friend Ms Susan Mopper decided to pay me a visit before the start of her 2nd year of med school.  I decided to have some fun and show her some boxes she or I had never been too.  First stop was TeamBSS CrossFit (302) in New Middletown, OH. Here I met Shaun and Brandy Schumaker, owners and trainers at TeamBSS.  TeamBSS was more than a CrossFit box, they had a crew that loved “HEAVY” and I was just in time for the strongman intro class.  Actually, I was the only one in the class. Having a little bit of experience, we got right to work “playing” with kegs, axel bars, and log bars. Then we hit some front and back loaded yoke work.  This was all super fun for me.  I did get to stay and help some of their new crossfitters who were transitioning from the power world.  We even did a 440 farmers carry, which just looked bad ass! I have to say that TeamBSS was a great place to “play” and work hard.  There was a totally great atmosphere, awesome people, and a great attitude.  To visit TeamBSS is something you have to mean to do and I recommend meaning to do it with them.  Take a chance, get off the beaten path and have a ball (atlas stone) with them.  Thanks for having me, you guys and girls were awesome!


(11/11/12) Now that Mopper is here, we headed over to see my buddy Dia and her new baby CrossFit 724 (303) in Greensburg, PA.  It was grand opening day and there was a party going on.  Lots of people hitting demo WODs and trial WODs and people just getting work done, it was awesome! The WOD we tackled was a 15m AMRAP of (5) pull ups, (10) 24” Box Jumps, (15) 20# Wall Balls and (20) 70# Kettlebell High Pulls.  It was a lung and shoulder burner but it was more fun encouraging those new athletes taking on these skills for the first time.  Mopper and I both hit around 4 rounds but it really was not about the score.  We had a blast and hope that 724 does well in the community.  Congrats on the new venture!

(11/12/12) From one new box to another, we headed south for Mopper’s first time in the great state of West “BY GOD” Virginia.  My good friend Johnny Layne, opened up his second venture in the CrossFit world, CrossFit Morgantown (304) in Morgantown, WV.   What was super cool is that it was Columbus Day and my favorite WV girl, Meghan E., could join us in the fun.  Johnny had a fun WOD in store for me, hoping that I would have my way with it.  50 Wall Ball buy in and then 3 rounds of 30 double unders, 15 toes 2 bar, and 10 front squats @ 135.  He was correct in his assumption and I finished in just under 8 minutes.   I had a blast cheering on everyone until the last person was complete.  CFM has a great space and some cool people.  Congrats on the new place, I’m super excited for you brother!  This is the new hot spot in Morgantown, if you are close by, it is worth the visit. 


Well that’s 3 of 22.  Here comes some more!  I’m glad I have lots of free time at work now that I am on my way out the door!  Sorry again that it took so long. 

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