Saturday, November 17, 2012

300 Boxes - CrossFit Voltage!

(10/20) After a delayed flight, a terrible rental car experience and a dead cell phone, yes I was late, I finally made it to CrossFit Voltage (300) in Charlotte, NC.  Here I met Donald & Ashley Forbis, owners and head trainers of CFV.  I missed the snatch training, but I did get a couple at 145# just so I wasn't the only guy on the board without a number.  Then for the WOD. We all ran an 800m run then drew a WOD from a hat as we ran back in the building.  Our choices were Fran, Nancy, Helen, ½ Cindy, or Jackie……I drew Jackie!  Jackie is a 1000m row followed by 50 thrusters and 30 pull ups.  Now this is harsh punishment already but the 800 added a new level of difficulty.  There was one Helen, two Jackie’s, and three ½ Cindy’s.  The crew at CFV that night was awesome. I even got to meet one of my Facebook friends, Wendy.  Donald and Ashley were kick ass owners and totally welcoming to me.  I even got to meet their family and talk for like a half hour after. There location was a bit out of the way, but totally worth getting lost for!  I look forward to getting the chance to do it again, Voltage was shocking!!!!

(Please excuse the bad pun)


       Wendy and Me

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