Monday, September 10, 2012

2012 Games - Pre

           I’m here! Cali is my birthplace and the home of the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games.  This is my third year as a judge for the games and I’m super excited for everything going down in a few days at the Home Depot Center (HDC).  Before we get there though, we got to pregame. 
(7/10) Day 1 of 3
Brick CF (267)– West Hollywood, CA 
Awesome people!  I got to meet Carl Paoli, who turned out to be someone I hung out with all week, a couple from CF Midlo, a box I visited 116 boxes ago, and Bob Harper.  Bob Harper actually called me a “lil nutz”.  The strength portion was 10-5-5-3 OHS (135-155-185-225).  Our WOD on the other hand was done in game style of 3m on, 2m off, 5m on, 2m out, and then all of it. 
10 Power Snatches @ 115#, 10 Hand Release Clapping Push Ups, 20 Pull Ups, 20 Air Squats, 30 Sit Ups, 30 DB push Presses @ 35$ and then 20-20-10-10
I finished up 78reps-135reps-8:56.  Not too bad, I did fairly well against the others and on the board. All in all though, Brick was a blast to visit.  I had a lot of fun and was pushed by the other guys around me.  Totally worth the visit and I think I’m going to Iceland with Carl one day too.
90 min rest
Cave CF (268)– Hollywood, CA
Green!  They love green there.  One of the coolest signs I’ve seen yet.  I met the owners, Zee and Brian, since I was a few minutes early.  Today was team WOD day, so once I got my partner, and then the WOD movements were explained to us all, we went at it. 
We finished up fairly quick, little did I know or realize that my partner, Alonzo, was on his 4th workout ever and I was pushing a bit too hard.  I actually had to finish up the last of the power cleans by myself since he was in the bathroom meeting Pukie.  Overall, I had a great time and it was totally worth the visit.  Thanks for having me, I had a blast, just don’t let me drink any of that crazy mix you had Zee.

(7/11) Day 2 of 3

Karma CF (269) – Manhattan Beach, CA 

I had 2 of my favorite people ever with me.  Ellie H. from Cape CF and Rick Sinclair, the 5th fittest 55-59 year old on the planet!  Owner Katy R. was totally awesome in letting her gym become a haven for games teams and competitors.  Tropic Thunder from Australia was there with us too getting ready for the weekend.  Here there wasn’t much of a WOD, more of snatch practice for all.  Rick got back to his pre-injury PR and Ellie just worked form.  We were totally grateful to Katy for opening p her space to us.  You’re a gem and we totally appreciated it. 

CF Southbay (270) – Hermosa Beach, CA   
We all went from Karma to Southbay.  Rick had to go to the HDC to check in, Ellie and I hit the warm up then jumped right into a 5x5  back squat, all at 225 for me.  Then hit a WOD of 15-12-9  KB Swings and Burpees, rest 2 min and then again at a 12-9-6 of the same.  Ellie was 8 sec behind me at the break and she fell more at then fell a little more at the end.  She was determined to win but the burpees got her in the end.  SCF was totally cool and very welcoming.  Glad I made the visit.  As we left, Team Front Range and Team CFNE were showing up.  More open gym love to games crews.
Zen CF (271) – Manhattan Beach, CA 

Garage space. Great coach. Pool!!! Coach J. Garrett Oliver was totally awesome. Ellie and I almost had a private session, but one other college athlete showed up. The WOD of 15-12-9-6-3 Front Squats and Deadlifts @ 175# was more deceiving than it looked. The weights were different to start but due to equipment issues, we improvised. Thanks for the pain; I hurt for a few days after this front squat nightmare. Totally an awesome garage gym with the exception of tall kids cannot do double unders.
(7/12) Day 3 of 3

CF Malibu (272) – Malibu, CA  

“The Hut” was awesome.  The people were great.  I actually saw a lot of them all weekend since one of their ladies was competing as a Masters athlete.  The WOD was one of my favorites, “The Chief”.  Yesterday’s front squat party played hell on my back so I only finished 19 rounds.  Ellie killed it with like 24 rounds.  We had totally awesome time and worth getting out of bed for.  Not to mention the awesome Irish themed restaurant that was owned by a South African post WOD. 

Time to get to work now, the HDC is calling our names. See y’all for the post WOD report!


  1. I know I've made the bigtime when I'm in your blog! :) -Rick

  2. You have always been big time. You've made it many times, sir.