Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Cadre & Medina


(7/6) Once again we headed over to Ohio to take out another box or two. 
                This time we hit up CF Cadre (265) in Hudson, OH.  Pretty cool place, very spacious and very well laid out.  The trainer was amazing, very knowledgeable, even if he was exhausted from being there all day and not to mention in the heat.  He was actually a competitor in the 2008 CF Games, back when it was just a BBQ and a party.  We worked some handstand / handstand walks before hitting the WOD they had in store.  We hit a 12-9-6-3-6-9-12 rep scheme of T2B and Floor wipers @ 95#.  It was solid fun in 6:30.  CFC was one of the coolest boxes in Northern Ohio and totally worth the visit, even with the horrible heat that day.  Keep up the good work.  Follow them on Twitter @Crossfitcadre


(7/7)  We found a great dive bar and stayed there all night and then crashed so we could hit the 7am workout at CF Medina (266) in Medina, OH.  Here we me John’s crew and trainers, only without John.  The trainer that day was actually my counter for 12.4 #2 of the open.  She was at her Oly Cert at Integrated CF or as like to say, my box.  The class overall was a bit new but we had fun with TEAM ANGIE none the less.  My partner in most of these Ohio trips, Mari, was partner here again.  We split it up half and half, I did pull ups and push ups, she did squats and sit ups.  We had a fun time, glad to meet some more new people and see some familiar faces in the community.  Thanks for having us and keep up the good work.

Next stop the 2012 CF Games Pre and Post box reports...

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