Wednesday, September 12, 2012

2012 Post Games


Day 1 of 2 (7/16)

LAX CF (273) - Los Angeles, CA
I ran into an old buddy from DC here.  I’ve never really seen him anywhere else but on the road and this was no exception.  He is a coach at Patriot/Potomac and he was at my 200th box in Hawaii last time I saw him.  It was deadlift day at LAX, I love deadlift day.  LAX had a pretty cool space not too far from the airport, hence the name.  They were really cool to having visitors from all over that day.  Besides reps from DC and PA, I think NY and South Africa were covered as well.  The scheme for the day was 1-10-1-20-1-30 or 515-405-485-335-445-265.  A good amount of lifting got done and I was happy to get it done.  Totally cool peeps there and glad we made the trip. 


Culver City CF (274) – Culver City, CA

This was a really cool space, tucked away inside a MMA & Krav studio.  Here I met Danny, a gung ho trainer, coach, and champion master’s power lifter.  He was totally cool and made me feel like one of the crew from the minute I walked in.  After our warm up, Danny introduced me to the class and then explained the WOD to everyone/

Master’s Chipper: 10 deadlifts @ 270, 20 pull ups, 30 box jumps, 40 kb swings, 50 double unders and then 40-30-20-10 again.  We all did great and everyone cheered each other on till the end.  I had a great time here and I would come back in a heartbeat.  Totally awesome time there and would go back there without a doubt. 


Day 2 of 2 and last day in Cali  

Intrepid CF (275) – El Segundo, CA
Being the last day, I was kinda glad we ended on a strength note.  Intrepid was tucked away in an industrial / residential combo area.  Owner and head coach Sean had strict presses and hang power cleans for us.  I was technically in a deload week so I actually decided to stick to my deload numbers for the week.  Both lifts were 3x3:  Presses - 115, 135, 155 & HPC - 135-185-225.  Sean was very good at helping everyone with their lifts and making sure form was good all around.  He did really well with Ellie and it was the best she had felt since her injury.  He had some really nice clients and I'm glad I got to meet them, especially the girl who had a super hero themed outfit planned for every day of that week.  Thanks for having us!
Well after a shower and a quick packing job, it's time to say goodbye to Cali for a while.  Not sure what's next, but 300 is getting close!!!!!

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