Thursday, December 23, 2010

Impromptu Saturday

I decided to try and get a new state in the collection today. Too bad it was 2 1/2 hours to the closest box in Vermont! Pretty ironic thing about this box, it was called Green Mountain CF at The Confluence. Anyone who knows me, know that this is just IRONIC!!!! Funny but Ironic.  Fun partner wod of 30 EMOM of 9 sit ups passing the med ball to your partner every rep, 7 individual box jumps, and 5 push ups. I don't remember who my partner was but he was a rockin older guy and helped kill it!

After a quick call to Jason @ CF Portsmouth, I headed to a trainer meeting at White Mountain CF in Concord, NH. When I got there I met trainers from WMCF and CF New Hampshire. After some debate about some big things going on in NH, we picked our first WOD. 1 RM Power Cleans! Big numbers all around and even 2 PR's, me being one of them at 245! I almost got 255 but wasn't fast enough in the elbows.  Now that that was done on to our metcon of 500m row, 25 HSPU, 25 Ground to Shoulder with 75# Stone, 25 OHS @ 75#, 25 Pull Ups, 25 Thrusters @ 75# and between each round push the prowler 25m with 180# on it. Now this was brutal for everyone but we ranged from 13:55 to 18 min. I was done at 14:56.  After some more planning and decision making we traded some shirts and headed out. Can't wait to see what big things are coming up for TEAM NEW HAMPSHIRE.

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