Saturday, January 1, 2011

Almost the end of my New England Vacation

I know I'm a little behind but if you were keeping my schedule, you'd be behind too! So here comes a down and dirty recap..........
12/20 BayState CF (93) Pretty cool box for a snowy day.  Due to the weather, Tim the owner, didn't expect a large crowd but we had a local police officer and a future marine make it in. I led the warm up for Tim and then we got to the WOD:  20 Min AMRAP of 5 C2B Pull Ups, 10 Ring Dips, 15 OHS @ 95# Finished with 8rds 5 C2B & 2 Dips. This sucked for me because I hate ring dips!  Thanks BSCF!

12/21 CF South Shore (94) Now 5am is early for me these days, but what the hell. I met Dave and some early morning Crossfitters @ MBX training or now the former home of CF SS.  After some intros and meeting his crew of sub 1 month CFers, we hit a fun WOD: 3 Rft  10 BW DL (205), 20 K2E, & 40 DU.  A quick 7:21 then a little lecture on muscle ups for the class. Fun times!! Glad you found a temp home for CFSS!

After a quick nap, I packed up and headed south for Cape Cod CF (95). This place was totally a former Blockbuster video, it still had the video drops! AWESOME! This 0930 class got started a little behind due to all the snow but hey it happened!  CINDY was her name & 15 rounds with a torn open hand was her pain. Thanks guys!  

Now I've been know to do 2 a days but here comes one of those random 3 a days.  Due to the wonders of Facebook I made a new friend in Tori Marrama, an avid garage Crossfitter.  We decided to meet up at CFNE (96) for a little TABATA THIS! Tori was good but I had his number this night. 419 to 332, Next time i'm sure he's gonna crush me. 

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