Monday, January 3, 2011

100 boxes and 4 PR's!

So it took a few tries (CF Troy, The CF Boxx, Practice CF) but damn Christmas Eve and me being a little bit tired didn't let that happen.  So after some family time, catching up with friends, and checking up on the Kool Aid monster Jenna @ CFOTR, I finally got up to Valparaiso, IN and Region CF. I met coaches Ryan and Brandy Jones right away and then Matt Belanger soon after. 

I called my favorite "British Nanny's" from Chicago in to share the moment.  Our good buddy Ric Stokes was doing CF TOTAL down at Corporal Crossfit in Miami so we decided to give a little moral support and do it with him from a few thousand miles away. 

Jaimie went first on every lift, which was cool to encourage her through her lifts.  New PR for her all around, Great Job! 
Press, new PR, 185#

Back Squat, new PR, 375#

Deadlift, new PR, 525#


Think we were done? Think again! We were handed a little met con challenge since Matt said we couldn't leave without braking a sweat. 15min EMOM: 4 clapping push ups, 8 KB Swings 1.5p, 12 Squats.  I kept an average of 30 sec per round each time and Jaimie kept her word and stopped at 10.

This was a totally awesome experience and glad I could have shared it with a friend. Thanks for taking all the pics, sorry I only got one of you, atleast it was a good one! 

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