Thursday, November 25, 2010

5x Friday!

I don't what got into me Thursday night, but I was talkin to the Hoot and decided Friday should be kick ass workout day. When I say kick ass I mean KICK ASS!!!! Here's how it went down.....
(0900) I took a 2 hr drive out to Cuyhoga Falls, OH to visit Kevin Roarty and Burning River CrossFit. 7x1 Back Squats were on tap. Kevin pulled out the big tire for depth and I got a great PR of 355#!

Thanks Kevin, I'm glad we had strength cuz Brain and the crew at CF Legacy (1100) had a fun little Team WOD in store for me. I was given Aaron as a partner for this: 4min each station of Med Ball Cleans, Box Jumps, Push Ups, Pull Ups, & V Ups. There is always a catch, you can only do 10 reps and while you are working your partner is either holding the bottom of a squat (1st 3) or a plank (last 2).  Aaron and I did amazing scoring 620 reps.  This was a crusher! Thanks for the fun times Brian!

By now I'm in serious need of protien, so i stop and crush a pound of BBQ before heading to CF Energy (1300). I was a few min late, but I was still warm so I jumped right into the WOD: 2RFT 50 Pull Ups, 30 Asst Pistols, and 100 V Ups.  This took a little bit longer than I thought it would but hey, this is Wod 3 in 5 hrs! 22:41 wasn't that bad and Kyle was really cool to sit and talk with about how he does things.

By now you gotta be thinking that I'm totally trashed and couldn't have a 4th WOD in me, but I digress! To the Barn Batman!  I got to SPC CF aka the Barn about 3 thinking I could take a nap. WRONG! I walked in and saw a familiar face, Kyle Klein. We finished 14th and 15th at the Fall Brawl.  Today was their make up day, so I decided to do "The Chief". 5rds of 3min on / 1 min off of (3) 135# HPC, 6 push ups, 9 squats.  I got thru 20 rounds. Not my best, but again this is WOD 4.  Thanks Guys for endulging me.
Now for the last WOD of the night. I got to visit a relatively new box, CrossFit Akron.  I was the only one in the late class but it gave us a good chance for some snatch practice.  Brian pulled out the camera and we did a 15 rep, upward progression.  I really got a great shot of where I need some work in the pulling stage of my snatch. I started at 95# went as far as 145# but kicked it down to 115# for the last few rounds to concentrate on form. 

Thanks everyone for letting me getting 82 thru 86 done, 14 more for 100!
Hope everyone has a great thanksgiving!

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  1. I was happy to be a virtual part of your day! Great job! Keep an eye out on your nutritional intake. Protein is your friend.