Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fall Brawl 2010

First off, I know it's not traveling but it's a fun ass weekend. 

So CF R.A.W. hosted a local competition this weekend.  CrossFitters from Delaware, Ohio, West Virginia, & all over PA showed up.  54 men and 51 women got up awful early to take on what Molly and her crew had in store for us.  There were 3 WOD's to challenge us all for these!

Wod 1: 1.5 Trail Run which should have read run up 3 BF Hills!!! Finished in 14:02, 39th overall.
Wod 2:
20# Wall Balls / Row for Cal / 115# Ground to Overhead .  Finished in 9:39.  Not to bad, 11th in the WOD, bumped up to 23rd overall.
Wod 3:
5min time limit, establish a 1 RM Deadlift and then use rest of the time to do muscle ups or pull ups.
Score is DL # + 1pt for pull ups + 3pts for MU
If you don't know me, I freaking love deadlifting, really my favorite thing ever. 
505# DL + 2 MU + 47 Pull Ups = 557!  5th in the WOD

Overall I finished in 14th place. Not bad for my second competiton ever!  I had a great time and met some new friends and some old ones.  Can't wait to compete again.  Thanks again RAW!\

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