Friday, October 29, 2010


Sometimes I go a little overboard, even for me.  I get these wild hairs that say "You can do it! Your a beast!"  Why do I listen to those voices? 

So it's Monday morning and I've already decided that a 3-peat is a good idea.  Why???

I was told there was a surprise for this one.  What kinda of surprise could be waiting for me at CF Chicago West Loop this early in the morning? Fran? Cindy? Grace? Nope even better Kelsey!
Kelsey is a good friend that actually changed her work schedule to join us in the early WOD and what a morning was instore for us.
Deadlifts 5x5xMax Effort 65%, 75%, & 85% of 90% of 1RPM.  I know, I know, I failed Calculus too!
275, 315, & 355 were used. Then 2x10 body rows with 155-135.
Finally 21-15-9 of 115 Power cleans & Pull Ups  5:39
I'm exhausted again and I'm only writing this! Cool Box, good group of early birds, and a cool trainer. 

Drive 10 min, Sleep 20


They have this thing called RowFit here. We were a little early so we got to watch.  Looks fun, if you like rowing.  Good thing I do cuz we had it on tap today.
1K Row; every 15 strokes do 10 burpees.  5:50 / 20 burpees / 43 strokes!
5 min Rest
60 Push Press @ 95#; everytime you rest below shoulders or out of rack do 15 box jumps (20") 5:16
Total 16:06
Shoulders = Crushed! Another good box in Chicago, one more to go and I'll have done them all. GO TEAM ROWFIT!


What could I possibly have left in the tank or my shoulders as the case may be. I met Sean when I walked in, well re-met Sean.  Sean was the coach at Windy City CF back in May when I visited last. Small world but made for great catch up.  CF 312 is actually another pretty new box, much like GBCF, the bumpers smelled great and even still had some oil them.  What could we be possibly in for that I haven't seen today? If you said SNATCH you get a gold star.  These were Tall Snatches though.  No hips, no jump, all arms into the squat. 75-95-115.  To bad this was just the skill work, here was the actual WOD: 12min AMRAP 4 HSPU / 8 Slam Balls @ 20#.  Shoulders crushed, had to do kipping HSPU after like 5 rounds but
I made it thru 11 rounds. Thanks for a great WOD Sean.  312 is gonna be good!

Well that's it all 7 downtown Chicago boxes visited and they all are good. Now time to hit the burbs next time I visit. 72 down and more added every day....

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