Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Packer-land Saturday

So I've never went to Northern Wisconsin before until this weekend.  I had the bright idea to go see the "mecca" of the north, Lambeau Field and maybe do a handstand or two.
Pretty cool place I'll have to admit, it's no Paul Brown :), but it's cool how it's in the middle of town with houses all around.  Now off to Green Bay CF to meet Grant and Sam, Owner and Boxer respectively.

Green Bay CF has been open for just about 3 weeks and you could tell.  The place smelled of fresh bumpers and new mats, it was great!  Too bad for us Grant had something else in store for us, rope climbs and running...Yeah more running.

So we talked about some progressions and found a good progression for Jaimie to do the WOD of:
1 15' rope climb / 800m run
2 15' rope climb / 400m run
3 15' rope climb / 200m run
8:51 was a good time and just beat out the rain.  Now back time to get back, get breakfast and great ready for one crazy/awesome family wedding


  1. Crazy/awesome/Patron-filled is right!

  2. Do they have a statue of Paul Brown? I'd like to come drop a deuce on it.