Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Back Tracking(4): June to Oct 10

Recap Only:

-CF York (York, PA) Very inviting box, jumped in like I was one of the crew. Thanks Rusty & Brittany, you two really found a way to make someone feel welcome...."If you don't introduce yourself to someone you don't know is 50 Burpee penelty"

-CF Collective (Lancaster, PA) No coach, I knew the WOD, 20 min on the rower for a 5K. Not the best 1st impression

-CF South Hills (South Park, PA) Mike T. has a great crew, nice box!

-Mountaineer CF (Morgantown, WV) Tommy H. has done great things with lots of obsticles. Love the Mega plex tour and the Turkish Get Ups

-CF Lynchburg (Lynchburg, VA) my home away from home, the only place I can walk into and everyone hugs me and waits for my pain! Thanks Ryan M.

-CF LIS (now Jet City / Seattle, WA) Nancy after 5 days off sucked! Thanks for the post WOD beer!

-CF West Seattle (Seattle, WA) Heavy Back squats. "Are girls are nasty but we like them" = BEST QUOTE EVER

-CF New Hampshire (Manchester, NH) very nice place, good crew. Jenn and lil man were there with me, which made it even better

-CF Game 2010 (Carson, CA) EPIC!! Too many things happened to recap. Met a great crew of judges to hang with all weekend. Love ya Starr, Ro, and Stretch

-Dogtown CF (Culver City, CA) 295#(PR) on Front Squats. Liz and Dusty rock

-CF LA (Los Angeles, CA) sorry I was late, trainer didn't stay around to say anything. Found owner upstairs 45 min after sitting around the box. Not the greatest experience

-CF Paradiso (Marina Del Rey, CA) AWESOME time with Helen and the CFP crew. Dave and Zeb are awesome

-Sin City CF (Henderson, NV) 2 games style WOD

-Iron Edge CF (Mesquite, NV)

-CF Dixie (St. George, UT)

-CF Flagstaff (Flagstaff, AZ)

-CF Carmel (Carmel, IN) "I'm too stubborn to quit when I'm hurt", with Jaimie

-Blast Fitness (Indianapolis, IN) CF Oly Cert. Josh Everett..245 snatch

-CF Hampton Roads (Yorktown, VA) effin Mary!, with Mopper

-CF of Breckenridge (Breckenridge, CO) 7 girls and me for a WOD = Awesome sauce at 10,000 feet!

-CF Verve (Denver, CO) Heavy DL's and Death by Thrusters

-Pikes Peak CF (CO Springs, CO) Snatch grip DL and push-ups

-Red Rocks CF (CO Springs, CO) more snatches!

-CF Athletics (Pittsburgh, PA) Jenn runs a great crew, my new home box as of Nov '10

-New London CF (New London, CT) farmer carries with 95# barbels is intense

-CF Providence (Providence, RI) Josh, Rx = ripped hands!

-Mon Valley CF (Elizabeth,PA) new but exciting to help get it off the ground. Jason and Chris are great peoples

-CF Northern KY (Florence, KY) took my niece but she refused to workout and went to McD's. Lucas has a nice crew

-Centerville CF (Dayton, OH) pre-marathon wod may have been a bad idea ;)

-CF Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, PA) Annie and Fight Gone Bad. Jenn, Mike, & Blake rock!

-Catamount CF (Canton, OH) Amanda = fun! Very clean box!!!

-Coca CF (North Ridgeville, OH) Kate Rawlings is amazing!

-CF Riverfront (Wilmington, DE) Ian made a mod WOD for Susan, snatch balance time!

-CF Bare Hills (Baltimore, MD) very bad representation of CF. No intro, no warm up, no questions, just go and get it done. No interacting with the 3 non-locals, not fun and not recommend

-CF Lancaster (Lancaster, PA) pre warrior dash wod, still got a wicked deadlift!

That should be all of them, if not I will add them eventually.......

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  1. Your CF Lynchburg is my CF Core in Phoenix :) It's always nice to have your home box and then a box away from home.

    Sorry Bare Hills sucked.... :-/