Monday, October 11, 2010

Back Tracking(2): Oct/Nov/Dec 09 & Jan 10

Lots of work has been going tons of changes have happened to me by this point. Here's a quick recap:

-Old Town CF (Alexandria, VA) 2 WODs here. Did my first back squat PR. 245# at that point

-CF Portsmouth got a new box. 1st WOD was Vince, Mer, and myself

-CF Casco Bay (Portland, ME) 1st attempt at "Randy"

-Lumberjack 20 for FT HOOD

-Started Paleo, life forever changed again

-CF on a cruise ship and scared the big black women with burpees over the bench and HPC

-CF Winter Mixer @ CF Cynergy (Hanson, MA) Had a great partner in Trish Hitchcock (AWESOME WOMAN) and met Laurie Lawerence

-CF Fenway (Boston, MA) did a little indoor invasion. Great people. Met Eric, Stacy K was in NH visiting my box

That's the abridged version of those 3 months, next 3 or 4 months soon......

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