Monday, October 11, 2010

Back Tracking(1): Aug/Sept 2009

What I've decided to do for the next few was play a little catch up. Taken from my work out log, a few old emails, and lots of great memories, so here goes.....

So Susan Mopper told me about this thing called CrossFit and I decided to look it up.  It just happened that CrossFit Portsmouth, in Portsmouth NH, was having it's grand opening in just a few days, I was living there stationed on the USS DALLAS (SSN 700).  I contacted Jason Goulmas and scheduled my 1st intro class.
Let's just say it was a little more than I expected but It was great because everyone was on the same level. I quickly joined the 5am / 5pm classes depending on my schedule and quickly fell into the CFP Family. The strange faces that all looked at Jason like he was crazy soon became like a second family. Vince, Meredith, Terry, Jenn, Marc, Jeremiah, and myself were Jason's originals, his "OG's" as he likes to call us.  In fact, they are all still part of CFP in one way or another, i unfortunately moved to Pittsburgh mid Feb but have been back to visit.  This is the place we were intro to the ladies, the heroes, the met cons, the lifts, and of course Eric Morris.

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