Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Idaho Falls, Day 2

This place isn't so bad after all :)

I looked on line and found that there was a second CF affliate in town, ID Falls YMCA. Due to my responsibilities, their 1 class/3 day a week schedule and my wonderfully large bed in the hotel I didn't make it. Good thing Maltese CF had a 3:30 class!

I met Parker this time, he's the other owner of Maltese CF and a firefighter. This time the WOD he laid out had a little bit of what I'm good at and someting I suck at.

800M Run
8 Rds
8 Pull Ups
16 Squats
800M Run

14:13, not too bad but my runs still suck but I'm gonna blame 4700' of elevation. That and I suck at running. Met some more of their crew tonight: Blake, Hillary and Jamie were all in the 3:30, Dr. Sarah Pepper in the 4:30 and Em and Ric (i think) in the 5:30. Thanks again for a great time Maltese CF, see you again in January!

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