Thursday, October 14, 2010

Early Morning with Kitsap CF

So I had this bright idea last night to hit the 6am class at Kitsap CF in Poulsbo, WA (great box BTW) Little did I realize that 11 miles in Washington meant like a 20 min drive. None the less, I was gonna put #64 in the books one way or another. As I got to the box, it was like 43 deg out and I could still see stars in the sky.
I quickly met Brandy and the end of the 5am crew, I used to be a 5am guy...
Anyway, Dan the owner soon got there and I quickly realized he was on the CF training staff and saw good things in my future. Did a good warm up and then introduced us to a new girl named "Nadia" and how she came about.

Thrusters 105/75
Wall Balls 20/14

Totally fun WOD! Since there are a lot of new people in the 6am, only Brandy and I were the only ones who did it Rx.10:19 and 5:29 respectfully. I really liked this WOD I must say. We hit the foam rollers, "played" on the mega monkey bars, sang happy birthday(40) to kavita and had a paleo pumpkin muffin. I thanked Dan and his crew, told him about the primal palate and then took my box photo and headed back for a long work day.

Totally a great way to start my day here in Washington. Thanks again to Dan H and all the members of KCF for making me feel welcome.


  1. Haven't done Thrusters in months....will have to try Nadia sometime.

  2. Glad you stopped by! Please come back anytime you're in the area. Safe travels, my friend!

  3. I've done way too many Thrusters in the last week or so.

    Thanks Caroline, you guys and gals were awesome!