Friday, October 22, 2010

Start of a great weekend!

Wow! So I had a whirlwind tour of some Big Ten towns this weekend and boy do they all hate my Buckeyes.

1st stop Friday morning was Quad City CF in Davenport, IA where we met Austin and his crew. After a quick warm up we hit the WOD: "Jump Your Wall Balls Off!": 10 Rds of 10 Wall Balls (20#), 15' of long jumps, 10 Box Jumps (24"), 15' of long jumps. 14:37, not bad but got really wobbly towards the end. Great crew, awesome box, and would definatley visit them again. Thanx QCCF!

After a quick shower, we hit the road, for Progession CF in Rochester, MN. Due to bad math and internet reading, we figured out we would be about 3 hours early. So after a quick visit to the mall and an oil change, we killed enough time to hit the box a little early.

Progession CF had Lumberjack 20 waiting for us. I haven't done this since it's inception last year. This is a brutal 1 3/4 total run plus 20 reps of 7 different exercises. BRUTAL! 27:05, about 2 minutes better than last year but my back really paid for it. This was one great box with an amazing crew, Matt really has something going on up there in south MN!

5 hours to Wisconsin......


  1. Great meeting you guys. Great Job on the WOD as well. Stop by again anytime.