Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Back Tracking(3): Feb - May 10

Recap time again:

-1st muscle up

-CF Ignite (Westward, NJ) had a good AMRAP of HPC, K2E, & Push ups

-CF Morristown (Morristown, NJ) "Karen runs a mile", I hit a parking meter

-CF Knoxville (Knoxville, TN) a few visits and I gave a paleo lecture, Johnny and his crew took care of me

-CF Ktown (Knoxville, TN) a few visits here too, Grant and Jessie tried to kill me rowing

-moved to Pittsburgh, joined CF Confluence

-CF Buffalo (Buffalo, NY) Angie plus 50

-CF St. Louis (St. Louis, MO) Barbara on rhoids with Ric Stokes

-Jeannies Beach CF (VA Beach, VA) went with like 5 hashers including Jaimie and Cheryl. Learned what TRX was

-CF Chesapeake (Chesapeake, VA) tried to kill Jaimie with mountain climbers

-Alamo CF (San Antonio, TX) Patron drop in fee for Rick, crushed the wod, and 500m race. All with Mopper

-C.C. CF (Corpus Christi, TX) lots of squats! Had Hoot, Mopper, & a hot shower

-CF On The River (Lawrenceburg, IN) almost puked and the only one to see it was the trainer

-CF Cincinnati (Cincinnati, OH) Das Gym was full of meatheads and machines

-CF Nati (Cincinnati, OH) great crew, hero WOD "Paul" while Jaimie ran 2.5 miles of Hell

-CF Reston (Reston, VA) Level 1 Cert

-Windy City CF (Chicago, IL) higher wall balls makes life interesting

-Atlas CF (Chicago, IL) squat clinic and the Bear

-Chicago CF (Chicago, IL) up and down the ladder with the most snatches ever other than Randy

-Milwaukee CF (Milwaukee, WI) total - 975

-Lincoln Park CF (Chicago, IL) OZ park fun with sandbags

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  1. Oh, yes. I remember those mountain climbers. Basically my first day CrossFit! Apparently I don't scare too easy. :)