Saturday, November 20, 2010

Greensburg and Youngstown

 I decided to get in a double for Friday so after my normal night at Mon Valley training, I headed out to CF Greensburg in Greensburg PA. This place was much like a hybrid training center with MMA, self defense classes, and CrossFit.
After some intros and a tour, we started the warm up. Joe was a little behind but quickly got us into our WOD of 10 Rounds of 8 Burpees and 8 Pull Ups. Nice fun times for a Friday night!  11:13 was not too bad for my second WOD of the night.  We talked a bit, gave some props to all there crew and then headed out. It was really cool to see that many new people kipping already.  Hope to get back there soon.
Now for Saturday I wanted to get in a box I've been trying to get to for a while. So I gave Joe a call and headed out to CF Youngstown in Ohio.  It was a beuatiful day and I guess it was a ladies day. 5 wonderful CFYO women and myself tackled a 3 Rft of 10 DL (250#), 200m run, 10 Burpees, 200m Run, 20 reverse lunges.
These ladies had tons of heart and killed it, even the woman who was on day 1!

A good saturday overall, even made back in time to watch THE OHIO STATE BUCKEYES dismantle Penn State.

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