Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Changes in style

So with a new year comes a new way of writing my blog.  So I don't get bogged down and behind again, I'm going meat and vegi's on that ass.  What we did, who we were, how the box was and how I like it. Gonna make this a little easier to read, rather than a novel. So here we go!

(1/10) Back in the Virginia Beach area, so I hit up CF Seven Cities (208) in Portsmouth, VA.  This was on the 2nd floor of a MMA gym.  Work was getting done in every corner of this place!  20m AMRAP of 10 OHS @ 95, 10 Bar Facing Burpees and 10 Sit Ups.  I got thru almost 9 rounds which was pretty brutal.  Great people and smart coaches.  Keep at it guys, see ya again soon!

(1/11) Up early to hit Valiant CF (209) in Va Beach, VA. This was a pretty place for being the new kid on the block. Great location!  Sweet lil 20m AMRAP of 2 MU, 8 KB Swings and 10 Sit Ups.  I was the only one who had muscle ups but that was OK.  I demo'd what they looked like since the trainer Lou was coming off a bum wing.  I hope you guys succeed and do great things! I had a great time!

More fun that night visiting my buddy Kevin and his new box, Rife CF (210) in Va Beach, VA. What can I say, Snatch grip deadlift @ 245 on a 4in deficit and max squat snatches @ 135 in 5min (29).  Killer work! Glad to see the old GSS has found a new home.  Everything happens for a reason and I'm glad your still kicking ass. 

(1/12) One last night in the area, so I headed down to Outer Banks CF (211) in Kill Devil Hills, NC.  It was an about a hour and some change away so I was expecting good things and I got them.  We hit a quick run and the a fun 5 rds of 250m row, 20 KB High pulls and 20 wall balls. Finished in around 11:15 but that wasn't the fun.  One of the members was having a birthday so the end of our class and the start of the next class was 28 Birthday Burpees!!!! Total fun and a great group of people.

(1/18) Back in Idaho, I ventured down to The Gate CF (212) in Pocatello, ID.  A newer box, great attitude though.  Amazing people and awesome trainers!  Wish I could come back and work with these guys.  Thanks for having me....I almost didn't leave.  Strength was 3x5 of Push Press 155/185/225. The WOD was 5m AMRAP of 185 Squat C&J 3min rest 5m AMRAP of 185 Squat C&J  21 in Rd 1 and 11 in Rd 2.  Killer time and I hope I can get back there!!!

Well there goes my attempt at a quick blog.  Hope it goes better the second time around.  Till I get back on the road again.....

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