Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Kids On The Block pt1

As you can expect, CrossFit is blowing up around country, around the world, and even around the Pittsburgh area. 

(1/20) I looked for one of the new boxes to hit in the 'burgh and I came up short on my 1st attempt.  So i did whatever any good CrossFitter would do....find another box!  My good buddy, Blake Shaub, was planning on a big grand opening next Saturday but he was in and working out. So I figured I join him at CF Iron City (213) in Pittsburgh, PA. We hit a fun WOD of 2K row and 200 Double Unders.  7:29 off the rower and 13:11 overall. Can't wait to see that rig and see you kick ass in the future. Your crew and coaches are awesome!

(1/28) It was Saturday morning and I love hoping in a car and going.  So I called up Liz and told her it was time to visit a new box!  So we headed out to CF Supernova (214) in Irwin, PA. We met up with Kevin Schmitt and did a little warm up before hitting our 5rd of 5 Pull Ups, 5 Wall Balls, 5 High Pulls and 5 Thrusters @ 95#.  Things took a little long due to sharing the 95# bar but still finished under 7min.  Thanks for the fun and a great meeting you Kevin.  I'm sure I'll see you again soon!

Well there is one more new kid in the area and rumor has it one or two have resurfaced.  We shall see soon enough!!!

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