Monday, March 19, 2012

Beginning of a Fun Trip

                 Another fun road trip, another awesome box visited.  This stop was at MTM CF (215) in North Canton, OH.  Now I have been to the area before but MTM wasn't around then.  We had a fun warm up with some ball tosses and some pipe balancing.  Very different but very awesome.  I actually loved this WOD.....both parts of it!  Part 1, Death By Power Cleans as a Team.  So I do one, my partner does one during the 1st min, 2 & 2 etc.  We made it up to 12 rd plus 24 reps then took a 1 min break and hit Death by Pull Ups as a Team starting at 5!  We got thru 13 here.  My partner was a beast!  Everyone here was super fun and Coach D Mac was super awesome.  This box was super fun and well worth passing up a few others to visit here.  Thanks for having me!!!

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