Sunday, February 20, 2011

North Carolina!!!

(2/9) So i got the opportunity to go visit a huge group of friends from around the east coast in Charlotte, NC this weekend.  I got in a little early to knock out some WOD's and snowboarding while I was here. So I went to Ultimate CF (105) and checked out their 6am class. After a quick warm up and some SOTS press skill work, I hit 125#x3, we went out to a few hill sprints.  I was paired up with Matt, one of the strongest memebers in the box, for these 10 50m hill sprints.  Every round got faster and faster and more competative.  I'm pretty sure we split the finishes but it was great to have that competative spirit so early in the morning.                   
After the runs, we came in for a little challenge.  Team plank hold for time, losing team has 25 burpees.  Again I was head to head against Matt.  2...3...4 minutes passed, only 2 people were left. Matt and I. 4:30, 4:45, 5 minutes in we decide to drop together so noone does burpees. Thanks for a great start to the day. UCF and I will take you up on the offer to come back.

Now on my way to Appalacian Mtn for a little snowboarding, I stopped by CF Hickory in Hickory, NC.
Turns out that the owner, Kent Stamey, is a good friend of Jen Patton, who is a good friend of mine and both are 2008 games competitors. 

6rds of 5 pull ups, 10 burpees, 250m row and 2 min rest.  19:30 was a great time for a 2nd wod that day.  
Great time meeting some of the athletes there and pick there brains. Thanks Kent!

Off to the slopes!!!! 

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