Friday, February 25, 2011

2/10 Double Teamed!

So I got up and left really early, not hitting the wall in my sisters driveway this time, to head to CF Ballantyne(107) in Fort Mill, SC.

Here I met the trainers, signed some waivers, you know the typical stuff while class was hitting their warm up.  Then as everyone partnered up for the team WOD, there was only one person left for me to be with, Jenn.  Jenn was a mother of one, with an adorable little baby and a husband who watched the baby then handed it off so he could workout in the next class. I'm about twice her size so she told me to not be upset if she held us back.  I told her not to worry and that we would kick a little ass! 
The WOD:
As a team, 150 Slam Balls (30/10#), 150 DL ball tossed (30/10#), 150 Wall Balls (20/14#), 150 Ball Tosses (10#). As yelled time at 19:34, she looked around and couldn't believe it.  We were the first ones done.  She had never experienced being on top of the mountain.  We were one of the only mixed teams, which made it that much sweeter.  I really liked this WOD and I'm glad Jenn had a great experience, Thanks CFB!

Now time to speed across Charlotte and make the 10am Team Wod at CrossFit Vitality.

Now this place is huge! I mean like it had indoor astro turf!  So after meeting some of the crew, We got teamed up and the Wod was explained to us.  This time I had a 16 year old boy and a 40 year old soccer mom. (some teams had 4, like an alt or a rest person)  Rd 1 (20) 50m Sprints with Bear Crawls back, 1 person works the others are in plank. (7:20)  Rd 2 12 minutes of death burpees, slam balls, box jumps (13rds 14/14/1) Rd 3 10min, max number of 200m rows.  (13)  We finished 3rd overall, not bad for being one person short.  Can't wait to see what you guys do with the venture. 

Next stop, CF Covington Grand Opening......


  1. hey michael. my name is meghan. i came across your blog after visiting the food lovers primal palate(which i can't get enough of. anyway!) i just read your post and saw that you will be hitting up crossfit covington's grand opening this weekend. EXCELLENT choice! I don't know, maybe your friends with some of those guys but if not, let me tell you you'll have a great time! those are my friends over there! going to be a great opening and the space is very cool! lots of girl power going on over there too! have a great time and kill a wod! unfortunately i won't be able to make it...going to level one cert. in chicago at atlas crossfit. wish me luck!

  2. I love Bill and Hay, they are some of my best friends here in Pittsburgh. I actually grew up in Cincy / NKY. I don't know any of the guys or girls there but I plan on having a blast. I'll definately go in there to kill a WOD, I'm in sectional preps (PR 500m Row 1:28.1 today) so it should be fun having some new people to work with. Sorry I won't get to meet you, have fun at Atlas, I like their box. Hope to WOD with you soon!