Monday, April 18, 2011

CF Games WOD's 11.1 - 11.4

Well as you can tell, I haven't been traveling much. I've visited a new local box, CF Focus (113), and met some new and old friends alike.  Bryan and the crew at CF Focus are really great and I'm glad some of my old CFC friends have migrated there.
Now on to the sectional WOD's. 
So I may have been a little too amp'd up for WOD 11.1 (10 Min AMRAP 30 DU/15 GTOH @ 75), so much that I game myself a concussion in the 1st round and the 12th rep of snatches.  I did get up and finish the WOD, but not very well.  This rung my bell so hard that I tried this WOD three times in the alotted and barely got thru 5 rounds. Not a great start, nowhere near what I knew I could do. 
Wod 11.2 (15min AMRAP 9 DL @ 155/12 Hand Release Push Ups/15 Box Jump @ 24") wasn't much better to me.  Still reeling from my concussion and the fact that my goat may be box jumps, I didn't do much better.  My head was swimming, hips were burning and I wasn't having fun at all.  So another lack luster performance was had and my regionals fate was sealed.  Maybe next year. 
Now with nothing left to play for, it was time to have fun with WOD 11.3 (5min AMRAP 165# Squat Clean and Jerk).  Actually I started feeling better so just wanted to have fun with one.  Too bad this was right up my alley! I got thru 24 rds on Sat and 29rds on Sun, which was a sure sign that I was feeling much better. 
WOD 11.4 (10min AMRAP 60 Bar Facing Burpees/30 OHS @ 120/10 MU) came out and I decided to keep my same attitude about it all, just have fun.  I haven't had much time to practice MU's due to height limitations, but hell I've tried many short hanging MU's leading up to this WOD.  Again I got 2 days to try this 96 was Sat and 101 was Sun.  I was slower at Burpees and OHS, but killed the short rings vice the rings we put on the basketball hoop.
Well Wod 11.5 (???) comes out in just under 24 hours and I think I'm gonna have the same attitude I've had the last few weeks, just have fun.  Sitting in the bottom 40% after two weeks and now in the top 60% after four weeks.  If only I wouldn't have dropped the bar on my head, just goes to show you that you can't prepare for everything and to have fun with this stuff.  It's all for fun unless your an elite athlete. 

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