Friday, June 17, 2011

Mid Atlantic -v- Central East Region

So I got the opportunity to attend more than one regional this year.  Along the way I also got to do what I love to most, visit new boxes and meet people.

June 3rd thru 5th I was given the opportunity to judge at the Mid-Atlantic regional. All the athletes in this region are beasts!  I'm am fortunate to know or have worked out with many of them in my travels.  It was kinda like a reunion of my L1 sorts, which was really cool.  Teams RAW(#1) & Pittsburgh from my home in Pittsburgh had great showings and rep'd the 'Burgh well.  Other boxes like Vitality, Ultimate, & Takeover that I have visited this year all did really well too. 
On the ladies side a fellow games judge Courtney Modecki was a competitor, recent workout partners Dionne Danielle & Jennifer Jones placed well, new friend Amelia Bell tried her hardest, and L1 classmate Becky Conzelman won the whole thing!
As for the guys I saw the 'Burgs Jim Edmunds humbled by HSPU, great WOD partners Ian Hardin, Tom  Hooten, & Andrew Z give it there all and AJ Moore's dream fade as strict judging and him not fixing himself became his undoing.
I did get to squeeze in a WOD on Friday night with the Hizz and the Rizz at CF Mainstreet (127) in Fairfax, VA. It was a small, non-descript box with a little bit of equipment but big dreams.  The WOD was 3rds of 10 Tire Flips, 15 KB Swings, 20 Push Ups and a 400m run.  We all did really well.  Glad we got the chance to get a wod in while we could.  Thanks CFM!

(6/11) I got up early Saturday morning and headed out to Columbus to get a WOD in before catching the regional action.  I headed out to CF 614 (128) for a little Boys(2) v Girls(3) WOD. My Partner Ben and I had this task in front of us: 250m Yoke Carry(275#), 60 Rock to OH (@90), 250m Ammo Can Farmer Walk, 120 Push Ups, 250m Sled Pull (225#), 100 24" Box Jumps, and 250m Sandbag Carry (50#). We killed it in 21:21! The girls(Chelsea, Meredith, & Jolene) pulled a 25:43.  Everyone had a blast.  It was a small but fun group, glad I got a chance to get it in. 

Now for the CE Regional.  I don't know as many people in this region, but I know some good ones! 

As for the men, my boy Dan Bailey killed it, taking home the gold.  Friends Rich James and Nick Fory did amazing! Amazing athlete Michelle Kinney took top honors here.  Teams CF Covington showed up in last place and stormed ahead to finish 13 sec out of the finals on Sunday To Emily, Alicia, Laura, Jarrett, Ben, and Will, I'm glad I could see it, it was an amazing effort!  Teams I've WOD'd with in the past were Ktown, NKY, Nasti, Rogue and SPC and competed well with HyperFit taking Top Honors.
Now for what I learned: I learned that not every regional had the same standards but the athletes were all kept to the standards in their region.  Not exactly fair but fair enough for the time at hand.  I'm glad that I had the opportunity to see my friends, acquaintances, and people I look up to in this sport.  Here's to more boxes and good friends!!!!!

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