Monday, September 5, 2011

Aug 2011 pt1/3

I'm writing this in three parts. Mainly because I'm away from home for the next 25 or so straight days and that would make for one big ass blog.  So I'll make it in chunks. Not sure where I'll break them up there will be four of them. 

(8/4) So I was about to leave for this crazy trip and I found out that there was a new box in the greater Pittsburgh area.  Like always, I had to go visit!  CrossFit H.A (146) is located on the second floor of the Airport Ice Arena in Moon.  I was a little intrigued when I went up the stairs to see a kettle bell bell class in action.  As I watched the ending, the head trainer, Anthony, came up to me and introduced himself.  He told me I could go warm up whenever I was ready and that we would start as soon as the other class was over.  The class ended up being three of us, so we changed up what was planned and made it a little more fun. The WOD became a 15m EMOM of 5 DL's @ 225, 1 C2B Strict Pull Up and a Sand Bag Shuttle Run.  We all finished the 15 rds, neither of the other two with Rx weight though.  We ended with a few sandbag runs and then cleaned up.  It's still a new box, so give it time. With a few transitions from the KB classes to the CF world, they may just turn into a good box.  Thanks for the good WOD and I'll check back in on you again soon.

Now off to this summer ending trip. I hoped a plane and headed down to VA for what is planned to be a 20 or so day trip.  Goal for Friday was to get all my work done and enjoy the weekend!  Goal Complete! Now for planning every box in a 2 hour radius of my location...
(8/6) 1st stop, CF Blacksburg (147) in Blacksburg, VA.  After meeting some other drop ins, and Neil the trainer that day, we got to work. This also happens to be SuperFit weekend, so we did WOD 3 from that competition. As a team with one man working at a time: 4min Max Thrusters @ 95#; 4min Max C2B Pull ups; 4min Max Burpees. My partner was one of the drop ins and he was legit. Apparently he finished 2nd to Mikko in '09. Our score respectively was 104, 72, & 85 = 261.  This is definitely a good box to visit if your ever in Hokie Country. 

(8/7) Sunday morning we had to run up to Richmond VA to see my work partners family.  Now I don't his family all that well so I had him drop me off at CF Swift (148).  After some intro's, 400m warm up run, and the Burgner Warm Up, it was WOD time! 15min Amrap: 6 snatch grip DL's, 4 Hang Power Snatches, 2 OHS (all at 75#) and 100m sprint. Knocked out 13rds and 1 HPS.  It was a cool box with a good atmosphere. Keith O. might not be able to do everything but he's a smart trainer. Definitely a box to check out in Richmond. 

(8/9) After a good rest day, It was time for a double.  1st up, CF Williamsburg (149) in Williamsburg, VA. After an extensive warm up, we hit the Clean & Jerk portion of our show.  7x1; 135-185-225 and 4 fails at 245.  I cleaned it every time, just couldn't get it overhead.  Oh Well.  Time for MU practice.  10 and done!  Now for a workout where I would seem to suffer, but actually succeeded.  800m Row then 800m run....3-2-1- go! Now I love rowing and hate running.  I actually didn't do to bad though.  6:58 overall.  3 min Row / 3:58 run, it's didn't help that I didn't understand where the 400 turn around was, so I turned around a few times.  Dave M. seemed very professional and very helpful to everyone in the box.  Definitely worth the drive if your ever in the area. 

Now for part two of the day, we took a hour trek down to the Ocean Front area for a little fun at CF Virginia Beach (150) in Va Beach, VA. Now there were some beasts in here. Wendler DL was the strength portion: 5reps @ 315, 3 @ 360 and 7 @ 405.  Not bad at all.  Now the WOD was a bit different. We had 16 people and 15 pull up spots, so we had to be good about sharing.  15-12-9 Db Hang Power Cleans to thruster @ 35# and Pull ups (7:02).  I was playing it safe and staying light since it was my second one today.  The staff there was really good to me, except when I dropped the Db, I don't think they liked that too much.....Sorry Again.  I'll definitely be back! Thanks!!!!

Well that's part one, part two coming soon! I gotta stop and pick up Chris!

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