Sunday, August 14, 2011

2011 Reebok CF Games!

That's right folks, I was there 1st hand for the second year in a row!  Let me tell you that this year was even bigger than last.  But before I get to my games experience, I had to get a WOD or two in...DUH!
This time I had 2 of my 3 favorite people in the world, especially in CF, with me to tear things up with.  Susanna Mopper (HERE!), Rick Sinclair (PRESENT!) and Laurie Lawrence (Excused Absence) are the three just in case you were wondering.  We hit CF 360 (143) in Long Beach, CA where we ran into my 2010 games judging partner, "Moose", who just happened to be a trainer there.  The class had McGhee on tap, which Susan tackled like a pro with over 10 Rds finished at Rx weights.  Rick and I had a bit of a tune up for him before his games debut with a 15min AMRAP of 10 OHS @ 75/85 and 5 HSPU/Release Push Ups after rd 4 for Rick.  I cut Rick off at 10rds and I finished up at 11.  We all had a blast being in the same box together and I'm sure these two have no idea how much it actually meant to me.  Thanks 360 for letting us do what we needed to do and get some work done.  Your guys were great!
Myself, Rick, Susan, & Moose

(7/28) While after having a great dinner (with dessert) at the Brazilian steakhouse, I was sure that none of us were moving anytime soon.  So I had to be the one to get up at the crack of dawn and head over to CF Long Beach (144) to work off the meat babies.  I met Carlos when I got there, seemed pretty cool and attentive to the class.  We did Turkish Get Ups for the days skill, so I hoped right in and got to work.  5x1 on both arms was the scheme so I did 44, 53, 70, 88, and 93 with those last 2 on the women's barbell.  I did drop the 1st 93 attempt on my toe if anyone was wondering, but it went up on the second attempt.  As for the WOD we hit a 10min Cindy, Got thru 11 which was good for me.
A great time was had and I'm glad the meat baby left soon after! Thanks CFLB.

Now for the 2011 Reebok CF Games! This was my second year judging and it was even better than last year..I think. I missed most of the elite events. I missed all the team events except the finals. There was one thing that I saw and am so glad that I didn't miss a minute of the action and that was the Masters.  These were some of the most humble and amazing folks I've ever met.  They were all just happy to be there and get a true games experience.   I could go on for hours on how amazing they were but I won't.  I'll just pick a few peoples performances that stood out to me:
  •  Rick Sinclair, who is one of my best CF friends, made me one of the proudest friends ever.
  • Scott DeTore, you are one compact BEAST! I'm so glad I had you and could push you!
  • Kathy Miller, my foot is still hurt weeks later but you came back on the WOD and did me proud.
  • Janice Spray, you broke that damn nickel!
  • Barbara Sessa, I so <3 you!
  • Brain Curley, you don't need to squat but it looked great!
  • Lynne Knapman, I'm holding you to that trip to Sydney.  Orange shoes rule!
To everyone else, you were amazing and like I said, I could go on for hours! This was my 2011 Reebok CF games and I wouldn't have had it any other way.

Now before I leave Cali, I got to have a one last meal with Christianne, Rick, Gabe, and Susan.  A meat fest to end all meat fests!  Big Belly only has one thing he wants to last LA WOD.  So while the Sinclair Family headed for the beach, Susan and I headed for Huntington Beach and CF Surf City(145). We met Melissa as she was finishing up the prior class and did the usual waiver thing.  After an intense warm up, we hit one hell of a WOD: 12-9-6 of Clean & Jerks @ 135 and Muscle Ups! If your a math major, it's 3 and 3 short of GRACE and 30 for time.  It started off good, got worse, and finally ended.  This one kicked my ass a bit.  I finished though and that was the point. 20:25 is better than a DNF. Did some shopping and thanked Melissa again.  If your looking for a good ass kickin' from an Ohio Girl (I still love me some Ohio), hit up CF Surf City. You won't be disappointed!

All that was left was a shower, to finish packing, drive to LAX, find a great lunch at McCormicks and Schmidts, and get a bit of great news.  I ended this trip with finding out that I was selected to the rank of Logistics Specialist (Submarines) Chief Petty Officer, United States Navy.  After 2 wonderful celebratory shots with Susan, I headed back on my long journey back to Pittsburgh...if only for a few days before I have to hit the road again.  Here's to one hell of a trip with great friends!

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