Saturday, August 13, 2011

Home Before the Long Haul

(7/15) When I came into work today, I was told to get ready to be away from home for the entire month of August. They also told me that they would be gone all next week and I had the fort.  I had been gone most of the month already with trips and training and really wasn't looking for to being in the office much.  After two days in the office, I looked on the main site, made a plan, and took off the rest of the week. As I made my way home, I had to call the same fun people in Columbus to break up the monotony of my trip.  I called my good friend Karen for lunch, lunch became lawn mowing, and then came a sleep over in Cow Town. 
(7/21) The lawn was mowed, I took a nap, and then headed over to Columbus CF (137) in Hilliard, OH.  I quickly met a bunch of the athletes and got right into the warm up.  After the warm up we were already a sweaty mess with NO relief in sight.  The WOD was a Nasty 20min AMRAP of (7each) 2p KB Swings, K2E, and Push Ups.  I made it thru 12 rounds as time expired.  I actually left a puddle under my chair as I sat and cooled off after class. Thanks for a good time, had a blast CF OKM.

(7/22) Up early as always and off to another box. This time I was up and ready for a little fun at Friendship CF (138) in Columbus, OH.  Great skill with max OHS @ 95#, 30 sec on 60 off for 4 rounds.
I got 101 reps which was great for me. Wasn't up to "Diane" though due to tweaking my back with HEAVY weight at home on Monday. I tried, made it thru round1 but that was enough for me.  For a young box, they have tons of potential and a great coach.  Keep up the good work FCF!

After a good breakfast and an one in a million chance run into of a girl I was in 5th grade and high school with, I headed off toward Cincy to see the folks. Well, not exactly...i passed their exit and headed off to Triple Crown CF (139) in Walton, KY. When I walked in I saw a familiar face in Dustin Winterhalt.  He was at CF Nasti back in the day when I visited there a time or two.  I was free to do what I wanted, so I made up one of my own.  50 DU, 25 KB Swings, 5 Muscle Ups, 30/15/3, 10/15/1.  It was a shoulder burner and I actually got stuck on the last MU. Took like 5 min for the last MU. BLAH!!!! Sucked but I finished. I turned off the clock at around 11 min.  Thanks for letting have a little fun Dustin, sorry I couldn't make the SEAL Fit WOD on Sunday.  I do want a pair of the TCCF fight shorts when I come back D!  See ya again soon.

(7/23) Up early again, this time to travel off the beaten path, about 2 hours north, to CF Crave (140) in Celina, OH. Quick side note, Ashley the owner if high school friends with CF Warrenton owner Crystal. They went all high school girl on me when they found out. Small ass CF world we have.  Anyways, the WOD was Teams of 2: 1 person working at a time 50 Wall Balls then 4 Rds of 20 Front Squats 115, 40 DB Snatches 35, 60 Jumping Pull Ups then 50 Wall Balls. My partner did pretty good, we finished second overall.  Fast behind us was a pregnant Ashley.  This was a lot of fun and I'm glad I got to hang around and just chat with Ashley after class.  If I'm ever back in Celina, I'll certain;y be back.  If your ever in the area, take the time and check out Crave! 

(7/25) Early Monday I headed home toward the 'burg. I figured I check out a box or two in the morning.  1st stop was i40 CF (141) in Delaware, OH.  No one showed.  I made a WOD in the parking lot.  Building run and 25 squats, 4 Rds.  Lots of excuses and story but long story short. i40 CF is now dead and should be renamed to CF Ironclad eventually.  Enough said, wait for the change.....

Needless to say I had a bitter taste to start the day, but I decided to take the high road home and head to Hinckley, OH and visit CF Spirit (142). I met Mel, the owner, and introduced myself to the class.  Once again it was mostly women, but I get used to that when I hit the mid morning WOD's.  The WOD looked fun, 5-10-15-20 of Deadlifts @ 225, Push Ups, Pull Ups and 45# DB Push Press.  I faired pretty well doing it in 9:55.  I saw some awesome girls in the class including a first unassisted pull up.  I had so much fun that I actually was invited to stick around and help out in the next class.  Fun all around and I was happy I made this trip.  Next time I'm in the area, I will totally be back to tear it up with the Spirit crew. 

Well I'm off to the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games and my 2nd year of judging amazing athletes.  I wonder what lucky person is gonna be my partner in crime!

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