Thursday, September 8, 2011

Aug 2/3

Well time to head back to Eastern VA, but I figured I would take a little time and see my old friend Chris "PhWedgie" Chrisman and hit a WOD or two...or three for me.

(8/10) So I headed north for Midlothian, VA to tackle what CF Midlo (151) had to offer.  Deadlift were on tap, but since I had them yesterday, I got my choice of anything they had done in the last week or so.  WOD of choice......"Helen"! I hadn't done her in a while, so what the hell.  "Helen" = 3rds of 400m Run, 21 KB Swings @ 1.5p & 12 Pull Ups.  New PR - 9:02!  I was stoked because I've been working on my running a lot more and it's paying off.  Kevin was totally accommodating to me and he had some kick ass girls in there. I'm stoked to stop back in next time around, thanks guys!

Now that I had my first WOD in, it was time for Chris to catch up. He had some stuff to catch up on, so we decided to meet at West End CF (152) in Henrico, VA.  Once Chris stopped getting lost, we got in and found our poison.  Another girl, this time "Christine", was right up my alley. Christine = 3rds of 500m row, 12 BW Deadlifts (205) and 21 box jumps (24") New PR - 10:41! Really, 2 PR's in 2 WODs, I'll take it. Chris wasn't too far behind with a 13min showing.  WECF is a nice hidden gem in Henrico and worth the visit.  Till next time!

Now time to visit Chris's home box, CR RVA (153) in Richmond, VA. We started with some solid mobility into heavy front squats (3x2). Did 225, 275, & 275, not a PR, but the WOD looked like it was gonna be a bear! Speaking of the WOD: 20-19-18....3-2-1 Double Unders and Lateral Burpees over a KB with a 30min cap.  Here was the catch, you had to do doubles, no scaling. As you can imagine some people didn't get to the 15's and some people finished. As for me, I hit the deck for my last burpee @ 30:00, so I took a 30:02.  This was a killer and I was surprised that I had enough left in the tank to finish it.  Thanks RVA for the hospitality. I'll surely come back.

Chris made it thru his first double and I'm glad to see that he has that spark back in him. I hope he can keep it up for our triple next week!

Well after a little bit of a rest, I went up to CF Harrisonburg (154) in Harrisonburg, VA. There I walked into hero Saturday. "Blake" was the Hero of the week and he was a Chief so I had take this one on.  I met Sarah, her husband, and her crew.  Blake = 5 rds of 100ft walking lunges with 45# plate, 30 box jumps, 20 wall balls, and 10 HSPU. The HSPU got the better of me on this day and I finished last at 34:25.  Some daya you have it, some days you don't.  I met some great people on this day and I'm totally making the trip back up whenever possible.  Thanks CFH! You guys rocked!

Well that's 2/3 done. There may be 3/3 plus one at this rate.  Who knows where I'm gonna end up next!

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